It's Simple.

 Okay first off - why does liking a girl have to do with engaging in sexual behavior with her?

My story is NOT about that - which made me flag the logo as "inappropriate"'s as simple as me liking this person...a lot.

It's more about personality than anything else. It was incredible to learn how much we had in common - I mean, in a world of prettied-up teens, as two tall, athletic and fun-loving girls I think we kinda stood out. It's only with her that I can yell out to the world, "I'M HERE!"; the only person I can goof off around without earning a turned-up-nose look of disgust; the only person with whom I can burn a lunch's worth of calories off by just laughing. I've never thought about any other girl in a sexual kind of way - cuz that would be just weird - and I do like guys, but something about this person makes her the person I love.

The only thing that's tearing me apart can I ever tell her?

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tell her just the way you wrote it here.

well i like butthole

TELL HER!!! Im in the same boat right now the only difference is i lost her and i never got to tell her how i feel she moved out if state and i bet i never once cross her mind anymore 3


make her tell you she loves you too.. a girls weakness is when you make her feel that she's the most important person in the world..


listen to me honey, don't tell her, because u have more to loose than to gain, its better you drop hints like make jokes about liking her or something of the such , if she doesnt go for it or finds it awkward then leave it at that...... i think its wierd how you have the same name as someone i use to be friends with. but it couldn't be because this story been post from 2009 and i knew this person 2011.

so.....i guess you LIKE LIKE her like....Liking as in love ? right.... ? lol

I think you should tell her . Because you never know when it's going to be to late and someone other than you might get her. I was in the same situation too ....But i was to late and at the end of the day it hit me hard. Whatever you choose to do ... make sure you don't give up. Because i believe you can do it.<br />
<br />
And there is a such thing as " only exceptions " So hold your head high.

dont do i was goin thro the same thing as you and i told her she now hates me and we havent spoken in 3 mobths

that really sucks....

yeah sucks

oh my god this is exactly the same situation i'm in, it's so good to know that someone else is like me, i am stright, well at least everyone thinks i am, and i fancy my best friend, and our relationship is exactly like yours. have you told her?

same here. have you told your bestfriend either?

you might find out she is bi/lesbian aswell<br />
good luck

Tell her she's the greatest friend you've ever had, then if you see her with a flttered just add all your feelings, and like you said she's really worth the chance.....

The fear of rejection is immense. To love and them never know. Maybe one day you will be having a simple conversation and you will find out if she has similar desires. If you feel it is worth the risk of opening your heart, you know it can bring great rewards, release of your burden or some embarrassment. Remember to be true to yourself and let your decisions be based on making you a better person.