My First Kiss

I was twelve when I first experienced the pleasures a girl can share. She flirt with me but I though she was just joking I noticed she wasn't, when we were in a camp for the girl scouts and we were telling scary stories with five other girls. There she started hugging me and I became nervous; later when the lights were off. She turned my passion on, and there she taught me that life can be an experiment as much as we would like to experience. I kissed her back and for a long time we exchange greater sentiments that took us both beyond fantasy.

yesmi yesmi
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 30, 2009


thanx ;)))) n UH sorry I just havent been on this site,... it was in my origin country Guatemala,..=)

aaaaaaaaw! mad cute :D

Girl Scout camp is where I discovered I was was gay haha. I'm sorry I just thought it was ironic! Can I ask where you attended camp?

i met my crush at winter camp! and today I still think she is the one for me :(

Thanks!!!!! it was unforgettable!