Girls Melt The Icy And Make Me Melt

When I was twelve I discovered that girls are hot, and their warmth is cozy and very comfortable, since then I believe that their grace is something you can admire. They make fall in love with a single stare or even unexpected jokes, those that are said during class, or in front of your friends. They are, they are just amazing, every time I see her my heart ticks a hundred times per second, I love them. I think they are something so perfect that nature has created!!!!!!!!!!! 

yesmi yesmi
18-21, F
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So agree with u but its kinnda hard to find the perfect one we just need too wait for the perfect someone one day and FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES BUT TRUE LOVE CAN BURY IT ALIVE XD and all of ous are meant to find it sooner or later

ahaha! that's the time ,...when they take advantage ,,.......n make of u, them,..n feel weird about them, after kissing ma first girl,...I liked it n felt like kissing every girl I liked,..=0)

ayee..i agree with u lmfaaoo..nd im 12 and i think girls are soo hot (guys too lol) xD<br />
this girl, ma best friend turned me bi. i used to be straight!! lol

Did your husbad knew about you two? Did it bother her that he did (didn't)? It's when you love someone and something's on the way, like me I have on a girl but I am sooo afraid to tell her. I don't know well, I guess things are meant to happen sometimes, and wosrse is that bad things are the ones that happen the most. Don't ya worry maybe she'll repent and will come back to you or maybe You'll find someone else. There are a lot of souls that are awaiting patinetly, and at the right time you'll meet them. Cheer up!!!!!

i recently was in a relationship with my bff. we were together for 2 years. i really loved her the sex was amazing. i am married with 2 kids. i think sometimes she couldn't handle my situation that's why she left.....