I Want Attention!

Okay, I'm a cute lesbian, some say sexy, I'm 5'8" curvy in all the right places, nipples and navel pierced, short messy reddish brown hair.. I'm mostly a bottom but I do know how to top... I just want some flirty EP love. No drama, no frills, just friendly, flirty back and forths. Once you're in my circle you can view my pics and see that I am clearly not ugly or obese. What do you say? Anyone down to flirt and play? I'm a lot of fun! =D Don't be shy! It's just for fun! I'm psoting this everywhere to get my point across!

Aw8ingf8 Aw8ingf8
26-30, F
10 Responses Jan 22, 2010

Your story is so touching, yearning, and desirable that I want to be right beside you now, listening to all your stories and being the central object of all your attention. I am totally willing to be your EP plaything!

Hey lady. Love to be friends with you as this hot number needs attention too.

you are too old! :/ <br />
<br />

I added you to my circle as I too am a flirty lipstick and love to play online. Do you know how to use the chat on EP, if so friend me as EP chat doesnt work with fans only friends. Lets chat and share and have some fun. I have not loaded pics onto this site but if you are willing to take email then I can send some to you. Ok well hope we get to share ..... by for now ..... xx lick lick Stephanie

oh wait....im just 18...! xDDDD

count me in! :DDD

Im In!(;

Well, hello Emma! ;)

Well, hello Emma! ;)

You sound like my kind of girl, Would love to flirt and play with you.<br />
Love<br />