The First Step

Well today I decided to move forward with changing into the me that lives within this body. I went and sorted my socks and underwear and threw out all the male clothing I had there and filled them with girls socks(ankle, toe, multicolored, etc) and panties that I have been buying to wear.
I may have been born a male but the inner me lets me know I am just the opposite. Real Life prevents me from fully coming out at this time but wearing girls clothing under my outer wear helps keep me balanced inside.
Angelansar2 Angelansar2
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6 Responses Jan 6, 2013

It's a brave thing to do hun. Hopefully you never have to look back. xox

Its been slow but going good moving forward. I came out to a family friend and she was very supportive even giving me pointers on where and how to do my nails and what type of polish would work best for me. Face it my toughest sell will be my dad and step mom.

So it was 7th and now its almost feb so how is it going!

Good for you. That is a wonderful step to take. Keep going.

Yesit does for now

Good for you, one step at a time. Just know that this step will not be enough and that you will want to do more. Maybe start by polishing your toenails and leaving it on for a week at a time. Maybe let your fingernails grow or gradually start narrowing your eyebrows.

thanks so much Lisa I know you are right and I know this is just a start but your guidance is appreciated alot :)