Still Looking For My Place...

Where is it? Till now I don't know it.I'm still looking for it.I never felt that I belong here or there.Some people say your place is where is your family,friends,love,but are you really so sure about it?Because i'm not.What really can make me feel ...yes it's my place?.That feeling of safety and comfort?or it's about atmosphere,people,energy?.I would never surely say that place i'm living is my ''home''.Actually I never felt like home here,more like unwanted guest stucked in a small space.I often ask myself where is my place?.Space where I can be myself and feel good and say : yes here i belong.Even when I traveled and visited other places.I never felt,oh I could live there or here.Does it mean there's no place for me?.If there is,how i can find it?.Should i follow my feeling,heart or brain?.
Someone can say but you know it's a flat,apartment,house,place where you spent only few hours during the day.I think it's something more.It should my place,my shelther.
Besides that I don't know where is my life space?I never felt i'm on the right place.I was doing something and i felt but I supposed to do other things.Why i stuck with it?.I get impression i should be in totally diffrent place now physicaly and spiritualy.It makes me feel like quality of my life is so poor.It's like i'm putting myself in place or situations i wouldn't like to be,but it's about fullfiling ''empty hole/space'' in my life.Just to do something,instead of waiting time.I don't feel happy about,who would ?doing something just to do and not having anything for myself from it.So sad when u realize you didn't find ur place yet,while others did.They are enjoying their life cause they know where they belong.I don't,i feel more like i was forced to be in those place and i really didn't wanted or i did it for others,to don't feel I didn't searched or tried.I had many life plans and dreams things i wished to do,but I wasn't fortune enough to make them come true.

So where is my place is in this world?
MissAgni MissAgni
26-30, F
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Have u ever been some where u felt u belongn

Ur ace should be any where ur pretty lil face want iit to be

Thank u :)

It seems that you are confused and lost. The answer you seek is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you seek Him first all these things will fall into place and you will get the answers you have been longing for you whole life!

I'm sure you have an awesome place somewhere waiting for you :) I havent found my place yet either, so your not alone ;p Life is about courage, and going into the unkown. And then maybe without realizing it, you'll find it unexpectedly.