Here's Why I Don't Have Any Women Friends

I had a roommate whom I thought i could trust. We used to do dumb stuff together, pulling pranks on people, etc. Then we moved in to another house and got another female roomate ( Drama Queen ). Drama Queen apparently made some enemies @her previous apartment. I've seen them go at it, yelling at each other when I helped her move her stuff out. And we had a bad feeling that they followed her to this new house we moved in to. We didn't think much of it.

So we were all settled in when one night, I was in the kitchen with DQ. I saw her take out a small container of "Healthy choice" ice cream out of the freezer. I innocently asked "...are you on a diet or something?" she said no and we went about our business.

Sounded like nothing right? Well, that comment will bite me in the *** months later.

I started distancing myself from them as the semester progressed, putting in long hours on campus trying to get my school projects done. I was so busy I slept in my car. Around the same time, DQ's old roomates starts terrorizing her again by vandalizing her car and my other roomate's.

They immediately blame this on me. My old roomate tells DQ about all the pranks we used to do, so that automatically makes me the culprit.

It caught me by surprise when they confronted me about this. I was too tired and stressed from school to care at this point. I reminded them about DQ's old roomates who followed her home one night. but they didnt listen.

Then DQ brings up that comment I made about her ice cream, which had NOTHING to do with her stupid car.

My eyes widen in disbelief. She was holding on to my little comment for MONTHS?! I explained to her that I meant nothing by that comment, it was just a question. But no, she was really butthurt by that.

And thats when I started called her drama queen ( she was a theater major, so I thought the new nickname suited her perfectly ). I guess she didnt like that so she told me I was the drama queen ( even though I was barely at the house and I hardly interacted with them ).

Honestly, theater people are CRAZY!



I befriended a girl @ work and we planned a trip to Europe. I planned everything out: I called the travel agent, planned our itinerary, etc. All my friend had to do was OK eveything and paid half with ther ccard. Then we were off travelling.

Well, by the end of the 1st week, we couldn't stand each other. First of all, she was too timid and quiet. She didn't want to interact with the locals, she didn't want to try to speak the language, she was too scared to venture out of the hotel without me, she walked to slow, she didnt want to learn how to buy her own train tickets, she didnt want to order her own beer at the pub....she was sooo NEEDY! I felt like I was babysitting!!!!!!

I was frustrated because there we were, this was our chance to meet new people, our chance to be adventurous and she was all up in her hermit shell, terrified of EUROPE>?!

We were barely talking to each other by the time we flew back home.

Then at work, she started talking crap behind my back, telling everyone that she had a miserable time, and that I was mean, etc etc. Which then automatically drew sympathy from the girls while she demonized me in front of them. I didn't notice the change till a few days later: they started ignoring me at the hallways and stopped asking me to go to lunches with them, or hanging out after work.

I threw my hands up in the air, essentially surrendering to the fact that I'm better off without female friends. So not worth it.







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I have a similar story related to my roommate who later turned on me. She is insecure and inexperienced so I wanted to help her. I set her up with a boy and they became really close. I felt so happy for her and for awhile she really liked me. But her insecurity got in the way. She suspected that her boyfriend likes me/ finds me attractive and got jealous. I have no idea what she told him but he started to avoid me and is now cold towards me. She seems happy with this. When it's just us two, she confides in me and we share laughs. But when he's in the same room, she completely changes her attitude towards me so that her bullshit seems reliable to him. She essentially backstabbed me, the matchmaker of their relationship. Such ingratitude and paranoia.

I wouldn’t say it has any thing to do with women at least not in their natural state. They have been brain washed with these bull **** gender roles. The garbage that’s been pushed off on men is no better. We are expected to act like macho thugs strutting around getting in peoples faces. I can’t even put on a pair of tights without being harassed and I love spandex. The sooner we can tear down this hurtful system and be our selves, get a little fresh air and clear our heads and heal up from what’s been done to us there is no telling what we will find out about our selves or what new wonders we might create in our society.

aww g...i know, i've been through a lot of betrayals in my life too and yeah, it sucks right now, believe me, i know how much it hurts to be betrayed, like something in you dies a time you'll realize that your past shouldnt dictate your will meeting new friends and find a place to belong to ( only if you allow yourself )

It's sad...I'm really ashamed of being part of this "female" species. I'm far from girly too. I only turn girly when my husband asks, but he likes me being tomboy-ish most of the time anyway. <br />
<br />
We sure are a mess, aren't we? i think it's because women use their emotions more than their brains...little do they know that feelings/emotions are irrational. And yes, they are worse in GROUPS...don't even get me started with that, lol!<br />
<br />
( I'm kinda bummed that I havent met another woman who share the same un-girly qualities as mine though..oh well, I gotta make the best of what I have for now )

i lost the one friend i grew up with i trusted her with a major, major secret she betrayed me i dream about the fun we had she was like a sister too me but ill never ever trust anyone again ever as we grew up together and still she did this i ask myself why every single day women hate me men hate me i dont belong here iam a shell existing

My sister has problems like that, she can talk to men about stuff she likes like cars and computers, carpentry etc. Unfortunately she can’t talk to a lot of women because they act like the girls you described, they want to talk about their makeup (she doesn’t wear it) or their boyfriends or their kids she just feels frustrated. It’s bad for me to I can’t find women that I respect just a bunch of sissy *** “girly girls” that want me to make them feel “safe and protected” and be their f ing daddy, I’m a hard core feminist so they make me sick to my stomach with that babyish ****. Society and gender roles have ruined a lot of women, segregating them into a class of weak limbed weak minded cowards that rely on stupid men to act as their parents I could ******* SCREAM sometimes at this ****.