I am so excited that other women like cars! I've gone to school for 3 years to be a mechanic. Gotten all sorts of crap about it. But the fact that there's more girls like me make it with it. Keep at it ladies!
Mgleisberg Mgleisberg
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

My dad taught me all kinds of things about cars. :) I can tune a carb and set up a distributor and adjust a clutch, etc. I love being able to do stuff to my car and silence guys asking about my boyfriend's car! Lol.

Me too! So glad there are other girls who are into it! Tuning the carb is the best, I love how you can change a car's character and the whole way it behaves just by adjusting the carb. Now that it's warming up a little I look forward to setting mine to idle super low again :)