So I can't sleep, because cramps are a pain in the abdominal area -_______- and my mind is too cluttered to close my eyes and drift to sleep. So I present to you my rambling.
I am genuinely bummed that there probably won't be very many girls in my engineering classes haha but now that I think of it, they'll be in my GEs heheh yeahh! I actually got really high hopes for actually having a relationship while in college. Though that would complicate things a bit now wouldn't it. Or it could be the push I need... Who knows? HOW COULD/WOULD I FIND A GIRLFRIEND? :(

I don't mean to sound desperate, though I may actually be. You know I'm not sure anymore. I don't really know how to sort out what I feel anymore it all just feels all jumbled up, you know what I mean? Could also be because I need some sleep. Tumblr does not help.
Fishees Fishees
18-21, F
Aug 30, 2014