Oh To Get The Job Done!

For the guys that think women dont **********! Oh yeah we do. I love doing it in the morning, noon, at night, wherever i get the urge! I have my toys and i have hot rubbing lotion that makes you warm inside and out. I have nipple clamps that makes me wanna ********** even harder. I am a woman with needs. I can be in the bath or shower with hot soapy water running my hands down between my legs feeling the wetness of excitement. I can see something on tv that turns me own. I can be at the ocean or the lake and someone moves me. Yeah when i get that feeling my legs spread and i have to fullfill what my body wants! To not wear underwear for faster access to get the job done. I know my pleasures and my taste and i can master this easily. If there is one thing i am good at, it is ************.
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56-60, F
12 Responses Mar 27, 2012

mmm you sound very exciting love to play with you...add me

mmmmmmmm sooo damn horny. please add me to your circle.

nice one..

i same with you,im ************ everyday. and im very horny. i hope we meet you someday.

Yes as we get to do it more often, the better it gets. I find deliberate slow stroking when ******* is imminent heightens the pleasure.

Do u wanna trade pics?

Wow, I didn't know a woman around my age would like to do that. I still do too!

Wow such a sexual woman you are and it soulds like you are horny 24 7 and your husband is not taking any advantage of this!! OMG if i seen my wife maturbating in the middle of the bed i would be all over her in a heart beat! But that don't happen at my house!

I agree, an ex gf of mine loved to play with her pretty naturally hairy ***** . sometimes just to get off . other times to turn me. most times both- especially when i had my thick **** buried in her hot tight *** hole ! very sexy seeing a lady play with her ***** in front of me ! yummy

Every woman should know her own body. You seem like you definitely do !

I think EP is awakening me to the fact that women enjoy it as much as I do. Does the sensation increase when you know others are watching?

Oh yeah. You see them moving thier hips or a growing sensation and you know your doing something right!

mmmmmmm We definitely have something in common!<br />
<br />
Love to watch a woman ********** and bring herself off............hot to ********** next to a woman and look into each others eyes as you both ******!!<br />
Plz add. thanx