Pointers For ************

hello.. i'm a virgin.. i need some pointers so i can have ****** from ************.. i ********** 4x a week but it doesn't feel as good as before anymore.. any tips??
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Mix it up with some toys - when my lover first tried a vibrator she came very quickly and intensely

why don't you try the real thing then

ha,ha,ha well just do the usual way and why waste it when you can have it much more enjoyable with a partner perhaps?

Two things:1 check out "literotica.com" great site with lots of stories in lots of catagories. 2 If you don't know where your g spot is, find it.

Give yourself plenty of alone time. Read some erotica to get your mind in a sexual state. Relax, light some candels maybe get in the tub. The point is get your mind in fantasy mode and relax and explore. You will know where the touch is needed and don't think about what you are doing or making yourself reach a climax and I beleive it will happen. I know I am a guy but married for a long time to the same amazing woman so I've had time to try many things. If you concentrate on the ****** to much, your anxiety level goes up and you may never get there. Let go and don't think about. Check back with me and let me know how it goes :)

Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm more turned on when I read erotic stories here on EP. But honestly, when I watch ****, the sexual urge suddenly drops. It's a pity 'cause I like watching ****.

I would agree with those above, you can satisfy the physical part but a lot of it is mental and imagination as well... good erotic stories are a great place to start/go to or even maybe come up with your own fantasy...

i don't really have much to add to that, it is good advise for you... toys, **** and erotic stories are the way to go for ************... and you gotta know where to touch yourself to... and every woman is different, so some areas may be more sensitive or not as sensitive so you will have to experiment... and of course i'm always here to help if you need...