I Started At A Young Age

I started at age 11. I was sitting on top of my pillows and I moved a certain way and realized how good it felt. I continued to hump my pillows. It felt so amazing and soon I reached ******. Yes I had my first ****** at age 11. I continue to still do this today, although I have found new techniques, fingers, vibrators etc. But my pillow is still my favorite:) I just wish that I had a friend to do it with or could do it to me. I love the idea of mutual ************, one of my biggest fantasies is someone secretly watching me ********** and getting off from it, or someone secretly watching me and I know that they are so I make it extra spicy for them;) any questions or techniques you'd like to ask/share please message me or post below. Girl or guys are welcome.
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You know what. it is great to read this story... I mean I never knew that there were other ppl out there too who humped pillows...

i'll watch you if you want ;)

Hmmm id love to hump my teddy bear and my fan latwly does an awesome job..id love to watch or even **** with u message. Me

I would love to watch you.

Thanks for sharing your story I know What you feel I wish I had any person to do it with (:

Wow... ;) It is pretty surprising how many girls start early like that... Thanks for sharing.

Hey gal, same here... It is quite convenient where I come from that they have some long pillows, almost as long as a person. I did it when i was very young too..... I did not know that what I did was some form of stimulation until I had my puberty and had some sex education.

i too started ************ waaaayy early, and i thought i was weird because i ********** by humping but thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!

Wow thats enticing would like to make you *** all night long! ;)
If u are interested let me know ;)

Sure would love to watch you....

I will do it with you

Message me i need tips

just message me :)

Ill message you some tips

I'll try with you!

mmmm mutual ************ is soooo hot. if you want, we can do it together! just message me and we cantry it ;)

I like to be peaking o n u while ur doing yourself playing with ur nipples and ***** and ******* while I *** in my hand and eat it clean

This is exactly what I did, it just feels so good.

I like it when other people are like me lol. I always thought I was weird for doing that

I think not doing that would be weird.

this is good to know lol

And yes, add a sonicare toothbrush, the smooth side, not the bristles, to your bucket list if you have not experienced it yet.

You sound just like my wife. She learned to hump on a stuffed turtle filled with beans that she kept in her bed. On our second date, we kissed and she mounted my leg and humped my knee to ******. I was thrilled to find a girl who enjoyed ************ as much as me. We discovered the thrill of mutual ************ and I bought her a vibrator. She didn't want to use it at first but once she tried it she was hooked. Her favorite thing even today is for me to watch as she masturbates with her vibrator. To really spice things up we find secluded places outside, in a park or in the car, where she can **********. The thrill of being caught makes it more exciting and intense.

Ah that's awesome lol. Ill admit what she did on your first date I've always wanted to do lol

Find someone and go for it! They will not think less of you. I loved the way she wasn't afraid to show her desires and sensuality.

I've used pillows. You can also ride the side of the bathtub if you put a towel down. Mutual ************ is one of my fantasies to. I like to find unique ways to do it.

I've never used my pillow before..what makes it so great??!!?

It's just amazing. You sit on it and kind if grind it back and forth. It causes great c l i t stimulation. Which causes an amazing o r g a s m lol

sounds exciting

wow i do the same exact thing lol

That's awesome! How did you get the idea to even do it?

l use to have this huge stuffed animal when I was younger, one day I was touching myself, (I think I was like 10) looked over at the stuffed animal and wondered how it felt.. lol, n it was a wrap from that point on!

Yeah that's pretty much my story lol. Message me sometime:)

wooow thats nice i like to watch girl when she ************ mmm i want lick *****