Let Me Think!

I started at a young age and found it very nice!  I  was a good girl when out, but when alone, i did what felt good.  I continued as i grew up and did it more ofter, relived the tension you know.  Did it when going steady, did it a lot when I wasn't and was lonely.  I guess i have a lot of happy moments in my history.  Now if I had put away five dollars everytime I did it,  for the past, the present (yes, Ido) and the feature(yes I will), I don't think i would have to worry about a pension when i got old.  And I wouldn't mind the interest in saving money that way.  And it feels so good!

carriewpd carriewpd
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6 Responses Mar 5, 2010

With the econmy the way it is now, I should have done it from the start.

this is a BRILLIANT idea!

i do it to it does feels good

I am not a woman be I love to do it to .and like to be watched when I do .I would like to watch you all that is a turn on.

If batteries fail, fingers prevail!

makes an evening really great!