I used the mens bathroom at lunch in chipotle. the bathroom had a stall with a toilet and a urinal. i am on my period so using the urinal would be kinda messy, so i went in the stall. I didn't lock the door, and lowered my pants and panties - a cotton string bikini. and squated over a drain in the floor while letting my pee flood out. when i was finished i changed my tampon dropping the used one in the toilet, and wiping myself before inserting a fresh tampax in my va jay jay. i pulled my undies up and pants, quickly rinsed my hands and snuck out. one guy must have come in, when i was in the stall, cuz i heard a zipper and pee splashing on the porcelin of the urinal. why do guys never wash their hands? anyway. he was gone when i came out, and i'm kinda liking that he could have very well caught me being so daring.
puddyls puddyls 26-30, F 6 Responses Apr 24, 2012

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So hot, would love to be in there with you.

haha peeing in the mens room in a chipotle of all places , good ****

Would love to share a toilet with you so we could watch each other peeing. Xxxx

Hygiene is paramount even if it is just after peeing. Washing hands thoroughly will protect you from all kinds of bacteria and especially during the winter months. I would never use the toilet without washing my hands afterwards. Some people are obviously lazy and do not have clean enough habits. It was lovely you shared your menses in this story. I found that very arousing.<br />
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Thank you puddyls.<br />
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You are resourceful to use a convenient drain.

If you'd been able to see the guys face without him seeing you and asked him about it afterwards (or if he'd simply caught you), he would have sworn blind that he ALWAYS washes his hands. I don't know why but a lot of men are in denial about this.<br />
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Also most of those that do wash seem to think that a two second splash of cold water without soap is sufficient. Maybe they're just hydrophobic.

Also, I love it when girls come in and use the urinal, just a pity it doesn't happen more often.