Pooping During Sleeping

I liked to withold my poo despite my mums efforts to make me do it on the toilet. When I had witheld for a few days my poo would sometimes come out during the night which up till 7 I wore a nappy for bed wetting but after that I only got one very occasionally when I was really unwell. As I didnt usually wear knickers in bed when I had accidents from witholding too long I made a mess in my bed. When my mum knew I hadnt done a poo in a few days she would tell me to wear knickers in bed that night in case I had an accident.She would hand me a pair of granny style cotton knickers and watch me put them on.She would come to my room in the morning and check if there was any poo in my knickers and get me cleaned up.
When I woke and there was no poo If I felt the need to do a poo I would just push it out into my Knickers and tell her I came out by accident when I was asleep.
This became a habit which I still do although now I clean myself up.
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4 Responses Nov 5, 2012

Thanks for sharing.

Good girl that's what you supposed to do.

I also used to poop in my sleep when I was that age, and I still do sometimes, but I wear diapers to bed so it isn't such a mess =)

I've pooped while sleeping.