Crossdressing Boyfriend!

Me and my boyfriend have bin together for over a year at the start I found women's underwear that we're not mine. So I confronted him about this he said they were his and I didn't know how to deal with it so not much else was said. We were at it one night and I went to take off his boxers and he told me he had knickers on and I went with it. Since then things are getting further so now sexy underwear is involved and I don't know how comfortable I am with this, help!
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My wife found my pantyhose stash. She thought I had kept them as a souvenir from a possible affair. I had to sheepishly admit they were mine. ;-)

I would strongly suggest sitting down and talking through some boundaries, what you are and are not comfortable with. Go at the pace you are most comfortable with. Ask questions about it, but always keep an open mind. Respect each other and how you both feel and things will work out.

Glad you support your boyfriend

Has your bf trusted you to tell you he loves to wear womens knickers? Let him open up to you and share his interests. Wearing the same underwear can be quite sexy together.

I found it in the washing, he always insisted that he would sort the washing and one day he was busy so I did it, and I found underwear at first I was angry then he explained they are his because I obviously thought they were someone else's. he does wear them while we're having sex I just couldn't deal with make up