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I'm A Girl With A Penis

I thought I'd start this group, because so many of us TG/TS relate to being a girl. We really don't identify ourselfs as boys.
So post you thoughts here. I'd like to know were we all stand. Do you agree or disagree?

And the two in the avatar were both born male. Started transistion early
kellygrl kellygrl 26-30, T 28 Responses Sep 4, 2011

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I want to be girl a with a penis!


this certainly sounds like me t the moment

I love a transexual because I love sucking **** and going deep throat

u should be the way u feel

Count one more that relates better to the female than the male. Life wouldn't be simpler but it would certainly be less stressful and less violent.

. . You really have to be insync with your body and mind. Why is that so frightening to somepeople, you have to do what it takes to be insync. Why is that so foreign to some? Others have done some very radical thi ngs to THIER bodys to make them the way they need to be. I have no problems with someone fixing what they see is not right we all do what we think we need to do.Do what you need to do you aren't doing it to anyone but yourself and you should if you need to.<br />
. .I must agree that sometimes your gender and genitals don't always match. Internal , and mental conflicts will arise. You must the same or your mental and phsyical life will be in turmoil you will never be happy until you match your mental and your phsyical match. Sometimes people must undergo surgery to gain this happiness, sometimes they can't go through the surgery for one reason or another. Because after all you must be happy with yourself, the majority of the public will never understand why anyone would undergo such a drastic and irreversable course of action but there minds match there body. To those who don't SRS is the only way to be right in there mind.<br />
. If you need to do this it is after all your choice and yours alone, certainly not a pencil pushing insurance executive, why this isn't covered ? It is a physical and mental condition of inequality isn't it? Hormones and surgery are a one part of the cure to the inequality between the brain and body.

I am not transgendered but do enjoy crossdressing in panties and lingerie. I'm far from passable. However my attraction is M to F transexuals. I don't even attempt trying to have a relationship with a GG as it has always been a failure from a sexual standpoint. I hope I'm not thought of as shallow but I would be totally lost if there was no such thing as a TG person. I am an admirer and always will be. Hope that doesn't make you feel less of me.

Hello, you are so right in your story and Regina hit it right on. I am almost done with my transformation and love every day in my new fem women's body. I love being the person that I was meant to be. My only regret is that I hid it away for so long and the pain of hiding and lying to those close to you really hurt. I now have this new fem body with large breasts, fem legs,arms hips and butt. I have shared my change with allot of people here on EP and those close to me at home. Some, not all have excepted me for what I have become and they are happy for me as much as I am happy for myself. You are what you are and from me go and be happy and live your life the way you want to.<br />

I am man hetersexual, I love women. Don't think of freaks as I heard the word being used before. You're just another person only in a differant way your personalility. I have breast, only the size hanging to cup in each hand. I have a beautiful wife and of cource she sees my body. I think -"what's going on here?" I have these nipples that stay erect and hard at times. I am just who I am.

Can't figure out what people say he or him when they should be saying she or her.

I agree!

You'ree lovely, Kelly girl. That's all that counts.

I'm girl with a penis I got the breasts *** brain but no vagina

some times you are born in the right mind and have the wrong plumbing

I dnn't really identify as guy although do not wear wigs or use make up.kind of feel like joanz. I have very curvy hips and butt and B cup breasts with push up bra. I dress mostly in jeans, slacks, shorts, tank tops crop tops (tees and sweaters in winter) mostly sport, casual to show shape. Don't know if this has anything to do with how I feel or look, but when went through puberty testes did not descend and were given shots when I was 13/14 to make them drop and some other shots year later.

I so agree with you. All my life I have know I was a girl, now a woman. Despite my 'birth defect'. Thanks for starting this group. Take care.

Reginia, I couldn't agree with you more!

There's no doubt in my mind that I am a woman! Was feminized by my mother starting on my eighth birthday, and been living full-time now as a woman for ten years. My penis has been dead for several years now due to hormone therapy and my disability. Most of the time these days I feel there is a vagina down there!

Not necessarily, I started HRT very early (13) and had an orchiectomy at 19. I cannot get anyone pregnant. But to continue the thread, yes, I prefer girl with a **** over TS or Tranny, for Gods sake, any day.

No longer does your genitalia determine your sex. Dress to please

does not make difference if you girl an have penis or guy have virgina<br />
you ocan life the way you are or change withsex change<br />
if you girl an marry girl you ocan produce ***** n get her pregant vis versa

I can't quite explain why I have no real desire to live 24/7 as a woman but I would almost give anything to be rid of my male parts and have them replaced with female parts. I would also love to have naturally grown breasts.

I could do that..Have a vagina instead of a penis,,its small and doesn't really work. So If I had a vagina maybe I could be turned on again.

I read a thing in Yahoo....13 facts about testosterone.....and one of them is that too much testosterone will make your testicles smaller, and make your breasts grow. I'm all for that, and will soon be trying it. Don't really think I need my nuts, anyway

i would like to change my penis into my Vagina and grow my very own breasts ( my Dream i will try to live)

before puberty i always felt that way but life cought up i got to big to pass. i still wish i had better body

I don't care if you have both parts that does not matter what does matter is you are a person and should be treated like one love your story please have me as a friend thanks

I still like to think I'm a bit of both with a stronger tendency to my femme side I feel more comfortable in female clothing but still feel attracted and want to make love to Tgirls which means I still want to act as a male at times......Am I confused or what?

Joanz, you're not confused. I am attracted love having sex with trans woman, sometimes as a girl, sometimes as a guy.

I knew at the age of 5 years old I was really a girl, today I live full time as a female and have now for the last 17 years, and had my name changed in 2000, life is so much better now,

Well I certainly think that I am FAR more comfortable with all things Feminine then those of the traditional masculine. I really don't like most things that guys are into such and of course conquest of Women. On the other hand I LOVE that make me cry and watching what other Women wear.

marysgirl, I'm with you all the way....except for the beer part!