Who Am I??

Everyone has a journey uniquely their own to find their personal truths.  This is the story of my own personal truth seeking.

Who am I?  I am an eternal female spirit whose name is Amy on the Other Side in the Dimension of our God and Goddess.  Before I came into life I planned out the experiences and the situations that I wanted to learn from while I am here.  (I still can't figure out why I would put myself through so much.)  Chances are if you and I have come into contact then we know each other on the Other Side well enough to have planned our encounter and friendship or whatever interactions we have together before we got here.  Our interaction could be as simple as annoying each other in traffic so we can learn patience or just giving some simple advice so we can help each other feel better to serious life long very deep relationships.  Does it really seem so coincidental that you get that special piece of advice at just the right time or how about that question of why does bad stuff always happen to good people? 

Why do we do this?  We do this because the Other Side has absolutely NO negativity.  How can it when it is constantly bathed in our Creators Perfect Love.  We can learn all about different circumstances both good and wonderful and bad and horrific.  But all of those circumstances are like reading a book about an apple.  You can know everything about it but you have no experience until you finally eat one.  In a realm of Perfect Love it is very easy to look at all the bad stuff that will advance and perfect our souls very quickly and say hell yeah I can handle that.  With no negativity it is not surprising that some of us bite off more than we can chew and have one hell of a hard time with some of what we chose to deal with.  When that happens just remember all you have to do is keep breathing and you will survive.  Eventually all living things die and as long as you don't take your own life you graduate and go back Home to that realm of Perfect Love and can say "what the hell was I thinking going down there to deal with that?"  All of our souls are eternal.  They have always been and will always be.  I know that is impossible for our finite minds to comprehend but think of it like this, our lives are an average of about what 80+ years.  Compare that to the accepted age of our current Universe of 13,750,000,000 years.  That isn't even a small drop of water in a bucket the size of the ocean.  So don't forget no matter how difficult life might seem physical life will eventually be over and we will go back Home to that Perfect Love.

So who am I?  In this lifetime I am Aiyana.  I am experiencing life in male body.  If I get to transition before life is over wonderful.  If I don't I will be the eternal female spirit on the Other Side that I have always been.  I am a Dad, a husband, a lover, the Goddess's Warrior when called upon.  I am a trustworthy and loyal friend to those who are worthy of that.  (I don't have the time or energy to be that to people who only choose negativity or want to make me miserable.  There are good people out there who want and need other good people in their lives.)  Moreover I am a Spark of our God and Goddess created by Their Love.  I am bright light shining with the power of the Divine that no one can dim or dull let alone put out.

So now I ask, who are you?  If any of you need help along your journey of personal truth finding feel free to message me.  I am always happy to pass along my experiences, thruths, and the Love of our God and Goddess.
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you have a beautiful sensitivity to those things unseen :) thank you for sharing your wisdom.

:-) Thank you!

Can I just give you a BIG HUG for your bravery in your posts? Thank you for your light :)

Sure I love hugs! Thank you!

What a beautiful enlightened attitude you have hun. ;)

A little spiritual for me, but very well written. You are well grounded ... that is admirable and I like that you are willing to help others - think I will keep reading.

I am a very spiritual person. I have been learning about consciousness, spirituality, and what the universe really is for a while. What I have learned really had helped me a lot.

My dear Alyana hi have knowen you from eones past ,we was friends back then ,you may even say very close friends
The reasen I know this is, the way you write and tell storys about our never ending souls
I have been surching for some one from eons past that I know and you are the only one I've found,so let's live and try to help the ones that are despret for answers and be the best we can be at spreding love to all .
See you on ther side some where in time. Jeanna.

PS don't mind the type os my tablet is being dumb.

It is definitely my goal to help bring peace to as many troubled minds as possible. I suspect that is one of the reasons I am here in a male body this time around because I am able to connect better with a lot of people that could really use that peace.

<p>Aiyana77; If you are truly a transgender person, my heart goes out to you. You are locked in a struggle for identity between two worlds and what you should be trying to achieve is inner peace because humans can be cruel to those who do not fit their idea of "normal". Please strive to find a circle of friends who accept you for who you are and tell the rest of the world to "take a hike". You have my admiration and my sincere wish for happiness wherever you find it. The Centurion</p>

Since I have written that story my thoughts have evolved even more. I see myself at this point as a female spirit that is experiencing life in a male body and accessorizing accordingly. Though I would love to be able to transition completely and live as a woman I am not sure that is going to happen in this lifetime. But I am okay with it because life goes on infinitely and this lifetime won't last more than a drop of time in the ocean compared to infinity.

Aiyana77; You are a goddess among women and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Your concept of life, time, and infinity are truly enlightening and I am convinced that your spirit will transcend those barriers to a better world. The Centurion

I always wonder that how we think about our self depend on our past life and maybe we like being that person.

I have lately been researching this life force or eternal souls as you name it.Sometimes it makes my head spin.Your essay was beautiful.I think we all know somehow we have been here or somewhere before.would like to talk to you more .Add me if you have the time and interest

I would love to talk with someone with similar interests. I will be working most of the rest of the day and will be on again later tonight. Probably around 7 or 8 jersey time.

I remember reading about buddah and how he lived his life in different ways to understand the meaning life. I wonder if he experience life as a woman.

That is a good question. I think we have all expended life as both male and female and most likely on different planets.

I tried to look at life beyond the body. I don't believe God make mistakes, but challenges us. I think labels like male, female, he, she, gay, ts, lesbian, striaght, and etc..discourages people and seperates people. I like to look and feel sexxy but its only clothes. You're still the same person despite the way you look on the outside.

<p>Yes! we do understand! I truly see we are on same page! beautiful!</P>

This was truly delightful to read. You are truly a loving spirit and maybe an old one too. Reading this, I'm glad that we have crossed paths.

I love your free spirit, it's so hard to find people that know where they are in the world and where they are headed. I wish my jurney was as clear as you have made your, I my a husband,father brother and friend to those around me but few know who is inside this old gray biker guy with all the tattoos. thanks for sharing your life with us you just added a ray of sunshine to my world..

Fabulous sweetie

I am proud of you, but the journey is the adventure...worth taking the risk. So on that note I applaud you for going forward on your new chapter of your life.

I don't think the adventure ever ends. Once we are done in life we get to go back home to learn more stuff and plot our next great adventure of experience and advancement.

Now you are talking about God and the Heavens...I can't wait to go home, to be with my Father in heaven, as He has taught me the wonders of life, and the joy of people, and the blessing of helping others. As I have done by giving food to the homeless, and the needy. As I once was on the other side starving, now I have giving back to others, passing it on. So as for Jesus, I am married to HIM until He finds me a partner for life to share precious moments with. God has given each of us a wonderful life, and to learn and become more Christlike.