Little Girl

I have known since I was a very little boy, that I wanted to be a little girl, and now that I am an adult I want to be a woman, I want to be a woman so bad sometimes it hurts really bad that I am not a woman, so I am a girl with a penis and maybe someday I will get my penis removed and have a vagina, then my body will match my mind.
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6 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Yes I know your feelings, I known that I was a girl from the age of about 7, I told my mother this and she reluctantly let me wear sissy girls cloth in the house only. And I so longed to go outside as a girl, not dresses as a boy and
I still today dressed as a little girl but now I go outside, if only I could get rid of the parts of me that don’t belong to a girl.

As long as you have goals, you can always work to reach them.

I am right there with you! Billy

i feel this way to and the older i am getting in this now aging male boys body the more i wish and really do want to go back and be reborn but as a real girl at long last i would eeven opt out to be reborn in another family entirely just to be female once more in some other time as well!

You are special and never forget that!!! You will find love and fullfilment. Just don't give up! Kiss & Hugs!!!

Fabulous sweetie