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All the women in my Dad's and my Mother's side of the family are built with pretty straight silhouettes.  I am the only one that has hips....even after having children they all don't have hips.  Growing up this always made me feel bigger and fatter. Now that I'm older....I don't care anymore. 
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 62 Responses Jan 6, 2011

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Good, It doesn't make you who you are.
What is inside, your emotions feelings and what you know to be true... does.
And if people get to know you for who you are and how you treat them and it all works out then they know you for the quality of who you are not by how you look on the outside.

nor should you. hips are good

Curves are far more attractive than straight, stick like figures. : )

I hear you Soul. Its just Im related to these people and everytime we would get together growing up... I just felt bigger than everyone. Now, I see everyone every few years so I\'m good. :) lol!!

I understand! : )

Love curvy girls!!!

You gotta have curves Mahal. ;)

No curves are boring ;-)

Im glad you have come to feel that way...curves are a good thing!

You are GREAT!


Some women have the body of a fairy, dainty, thin, no hips or boobs. YOU have the body of a goddess - boobs, a bodacious behind and the acceptance to be yourself.

CWS..... wow.....what a compliment!!! I'm quite humbled by it and question if I'm so deserving of it. :) Thank you for being such an awesome friend.

Curves are great...i'm curvy one would ever mistake us for a boy lol

lol!! No one would mistake that as I have always had ample breasts. :)

Hips are sexy. Your lucky. Skinny women always secretly dream of having such a figure. X

ur sexyer then any other :p

A curvy woman is so shouldn't care....flaunt those curves and be happy


Thank you all for the encouragement. Thank goodness I only see my skinny minny crew every couple of years. Its when I'm with them that I am most self conscious.

You should feel even more beautiful when they are in your presence.....Have confidence in yourself and your beauty will outshine them all

It\'s not lack of confidence.... its becoming truly comfortable being in my own skin. Its this journey of self discovery I\'m on. Most of it has to do whats inside of me.... not so much what I look like on the outside.

I have no hips even after my giant son- jealous =[

I know just how you feel. I've always had a a child my family's nickname for me was "boulder buns". LMAO. I used to hate it and was always self-conscious about my butt. Now I don't mind so much...kind of makes up for not getting boobs, lol ;) Nice story...I'm glad you have learned to embrace your curves. xo

I'll trade you for your bodacious booty for my big boobs. :) lol!!

You won in the end....You are the one with the curves!

lol!!! Thank you. It was never a competition. It was a self conscious thing when we were all together.

lol...yes, I do understand....but you still won...woohoo!

hips only make a woman sexier.

<p>curves are always beautiful, even when the fashion magazines say they are not</p>

"straight silhouettes" sounds like a boy. "Curves" sounds sensuous and female. Beauty and attraction begins and ends in our hearts. Your beauty is right here for all of us to see and it is stunning.

Awwww.... Gabe.... thank you. I'm a loss for words.

Not a thing wrong with hips. Personally I am curvy women more interesting then sticks figures. Feel good about it. I know I find it very interesting. <3

Thank you for your positive thoughts.

Women are supposed to have curves. I bet yours are beautiful.

Awww.... thank you.

I think AT said it correctly.

I started liking my hips when my 18 year old daughter began complaining because she doesn't have hips like mine. I don't feel like some old mom now.
Recent comments from some men help too. ;)

I was never fat as a kid. I was shapely and a bit fuller than my younger sister and our cousins. Being around them made me self-conscious because they were slimmer and built differently. My mother also would always jokingly called me fatso so that didnt help either.

Some of our mothers were just so wonderful that way. I completely understand.

Thank you... while I sincerely feel blessed that mine is still around.... much hasn't changed with her. Im still the fat one. Im at peace with it.

Mine just watches what she says so I visit. Helps to move 650 miles away :D

My mother is half an ocean away and she can still say something that stings so deep within the first few seconds of our conversation. And no, she doesn't watch what she says. My own 13-yr old daughter had to put her in her place in which I had to punish her. I have tried in so many ways. I love my Mom and dont want to spend the years we have together fighting so I take what she says quietly.

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Women are supposed to have curves. It took you time, along with pain and frustration, to get so you don't care. Bigger hips=more to love and spoil. Yes, that includes taking her to the store and patiently waiting while she shops.

CWS.... how I wish that you had a single twin brother just like you that lived near.

Hips are never a problem

Well they are to a woman when you constantly have to buy a bigger size pair of jeans to fit them in. :)

This is all a matter of perspective. I like "The more the merrier"

Curves are much more attractive than straight lines, especially on a lady.

You have nothing to be ashamed of! Curves are beautiful... :-)

For those who prefer a set of hips that are as parallel as a sheet of plywood, well too bad because they are not able to recognize, or appreciate a true woman. Human mankind would not be here if it were not for those swivel hips. Just my biased opinion folks....

It feels good to know that i'm not the only one who felt this way. My whole family has a more lean, thin figure and i have a much more different body build. I always compared myself to the family and became self-conscious about my figure. And now, i'm slowly becoming more confident :)

Theres a reason a model is called a "Model", they are replicas of the real thing. Once a man overcomes society's programming of what should attract him, once he lives life a little and experiences relationships with many different women, of all types and sizes, he comes to understand that beauty emanates from within and curvy softness is a big plus, never let someone else determine your self worth or value~ take it from me, the curvy woman is greatly desired~but then, to an open minded man, all women are!

I totally agree with everything you say but at times its hard not to let it bother you.

CURVES ROCK Girl!!! :-)

Generally I know that but the rare occasions I'm standing in the same room with my peeps, they all look cute and petite and I just look big boned. lol!

You, as well as others "Hipster" gals are simply woman of substance. Again, just my biased opinion.......

Hey i think hips are great, i like a woman with a womanly figure. of course that is only window dressing having intelligence and being a nice person are qualities that i find most attractive.(sense of humor is nice too) By the way Ep suggested we would make good friends. i would add you to my circle if you like and hopefully you would add me to yours.

Women are supposed to be fleshy. Flesh is power. Flesh is how our foremothers stayed alive when food was lacking. Classic magazine erotica only showed svelte women. (June Palmer in the UK was a curious exception.) The internet has revealed the truth about what real women are like.<br />
<br />
Sexless marriage. I hang my head in sorrow. EP is the only place on the web where I've read people admit to that. My sister was in that sitch for a number of years, but when she finally sued for divorce, he finally admitted he was gay.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister. My Ex wasn't gay. He just didn't want me.

My sister has richly deserved her fate. I was sexless for 5 years, and did not deserve it.

Everyone dosn't like skinny. I like hips. :)

Thanks MasterTickler. The men that I have been with don't seem to mind it either. :)

funguy At this age not only do I have curves nut have lumps and bumps that my sis and cousins dont have so I even look bigger . :(

Mahal, There is absolutely nothing wrong with a curvy woman. I fully appreciate a woman's curves and I think that is what makes them a woman. If I wanted skinny & no curves I would probably turn gay and go for guys but that sure isn't happening.

I'm the only one in my family with large breasts. I always wondered if Mom and Sis were jealous. Hahaha.

stlm8 Im sure they were. :) My sis is fully loaded on top with no hips. Some of my cousins are like that too.

Thedarknight...thank you. Didn't see your comment. <br />
<br />
Jcue1976 working on the attitude still. I know I'm not ugly duckling but not feeling like a swan these days either. I'm a work in progress.

being sexy is an attitude not a body shape,,,besides i feel sexier than ever,,,i'm a plus size girl and i wouldn't change it to be a skinny mini who dreams of getting a breast implant to get what i got.

Racyrose, my hips always made me feel ten times bigger in size than my sister and my cousins. At this point in my life, I'm so over it.

Well I wish I had the skinny and tall genes that everyone else got. :)

Its usually all just genetics anyway.

4meiski, yes I've heard men say that before but in general you guys do prefer the skinny mini girls.<br />
58Photo, you make my lumps and bumps sound so sexy. :)

Curves are necessary. They become powerful tools to those skilled in their power over us helpless observers.

Hey ,<br />
I like a girl that's got some curves!<br />
<br />
I like to know I am holding a WOMAN not a broomstick !!!<br />
<br />
All the best<br />

Dorothy, my daughter has that JLO booty going on. (from her dad not me!) Boys have been chasing her since kindergarten. She's a swimmer and knows she's got it going she's got the lumps and bumps in the right places. (She has no hips and is tall!!! Again, from her dad's side.) So without a doubt my daughter feels good about her body. Since it's just the two of us, I do have a tendency to hang out with just my skivvies on....or nothing at all in the house. If you asked her, she most probably tell you that I am comfortable in my own skin.

Hey - if they can't handle you (or me) then they don't deserve us!! I don't care what you are eating and winter weight - whatever (you live in the North, you need extra padding) - you aren't fat - you're fluffy! Hee hee!! (and I don't really think you are fluffy either but hey, I saw it on a poster and thought it was funny!!!)<br />
<br />
And horny and sexy are NOT the same - giggling but when I am horny, I do feel MORE sexy - ROFL!!! Anyway, enough of that talk.... I just think I have gotten to a place where I am who I am - doesn't mean I can't improve on the person I am or whatever but I am no longer going to look in the mirror after a shower and think - YUCK! I read somewhere that our daughters look to us for how they should feel about THEIR bodies - that really shook me up because I want my daughters to love themselves - to be happy with their bodies and here I am modeling a poor body image!! So, I am changing my mindset - I am faking it until I make it - "I have a sexy, beautiful body." (I will keep saying it to myself outloud in the mirror until I really believe it!)

ROFL!!! I'm eating ice cream with my gutt hanging out reading this.....Dorothy so not feelling very sexy at this very moment. Give me a few months to melt the winter weight I have put on and then maybe I'll change my tune again. :) lol!!! I wonder if you're confusing sexy with being horny???? (turning twenty shades of red....) heee heee I've always been the short girl with hips. I grew up in LA..spent most of my teenage years at the beach. All my friends had the teeny weeny bikinis while I had to wear the fuller bottom to cover ALL of me. On the other side of the coin, I had more to fill inside of the bikini top. Call it whatever you my '40's I'm at the point where I just give guys my disclaimer......handle at your own risk.....hee hee hee.....

M - I know you are sexy - I don't even have to see you to know that - I can tell by the way you talk and how you interact and what you write about - just how you come across because SEXY is an attitude and WOMAN, you have that attitude!! <br />
<br />
Isn't it great to be in your 40's?! To FINALLY feel good about the body God gave you and to celebrate it and realize that it is beautiful and sexy and perfect for you?! I don't feel this way every day, mind you, but I sure do feel it a lot more than I used to! (Especially lately, ahem, but no need to discuss that, right?! *giggling*)<br />
<br />
I have always been a "big" girl - taller than my friends, wider shoulders, very well proportioned (thank goodness), but definitely an hour glass (or two) when hour glass was NOT the thing to be - bustier than most, when flat was the way to go! I sometimes think I should have been more during the days of Mae West and Jane Russell - boy, I would have been a "hotty" back then! ROFL!!<br />
<br />
I am now thankful for my curves and my hour glass shape and my height - there's no point in "fighting" it so why not enjoy it!!<br />
<br />
Great story M!!!!

Jimmy...I'm always runnnig late for everything. I'm the one hurrying with her hands full of stuff and talking on the phone. So I don't think I look anything as graceful as you describe. lol! :)

I think curvy women somehow have a more gracious way of moving... They don't rattle along like some skinny lasses do, but they have more fluidity in their motion, an aura of floating more than they walk, with that extra roll of the hips and that shake to the bum.. just lovely : )

I'm sorry to disappoint.... those are not my legs. (In my dreams maybe...)

Just love a curvy woman. Are those your gorgeous legs to.

thanks CJ.......tough always being the black sheep in the!

"m" Sounds very sexy ....... MILF material ......

WE Curvy Chics Rule!!!!

Body image is one that I have struggled with my entire life and worsened with my sexless marriage. "W" has made me realize that I am desirable even though I have lumps and bumps.

I'm 44 til June ... and I'll admit I spend a bit more time than in the past when I buy clothes now.

I'm 44 and let's just say I'm paying more close attention on how the clothes that I buy fit me. Better bras and support lingerie are great!!!! Bella...I'll sneak over and read your post shortly. :)

And that is wrong how?? Hummmm...

so I've been told ... *develish grin*<br />
<br />
methinks my avatar speaks volumes ...

You can be quite devilish Angel when you want to be!!!! I love that about you!!! Tell me more!!!!!!

>>> stands up and applauds you! Woo Hoo !!!<br />
<br />
sidenote: being a female with curves has its advantages- for example, when he slides up behind you, your backside will fit nicely against his ... *censored due to massive blushing overload*<br />
<br />
love you, Sister M-- hope you are smiling as much as I am right now!!! xx mwah xx

"*censored due to massive blushing overload*"