Forever Curvy!

I was never a skinny chick. Growing up I always wanted to be thin, I got made fun of in school, and alot of the kids called me fat. I took to wearing baggy boys clothes, so I could cover it up. Looking back, I wasn't fat. Just very curvy! I remember going swimming at a friends house when I was twelve, and my friends aunt came out to see who the woman was swimming with us. Turns out it was me lol. She said to never listen to other kids when they made fun of me, that I was beautiful and should be proud. She advised my parents to keep me in baggy clothes though, cause I had the hourglass shape and men would be after me.

I used to be very self conscious about my weight, but my friends aunt helped me realize that im PHAT and should be proud of my curves. God didn't intend for everyone to be a stick figure anyway :)
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Yes, be proud!

love your cruves

I love curvy women.