ok, this is gonna be controversial but what the hell. I am getting sick of misconceptions based on my size so here goes. I was reading a " frat boy" blog that pretty much sums it up. These guys who think they are secretly doing us a favor by trying to get with us. For example, A guy recently from match whom I wasn't really attracted to and I went on ONE coffee date with decided to post my pics up on a bbw appreciation thread and it had similar sentiments.

The author clearly has a smarmy website all about being gross towards women. It made me so annoyed. Since I can't put him face to face here goes here is his writing from

The reason “men’s entertainment” sites don’t show hefty women anymore, is because they aren’t in demand. Supply and demand. This site is 72% men, and in almost 3 years I’ve only had a handful of people make comments about liking ‘the chubbies.’ RM readers demand hot ***** with big ****, and I supply them.

( My edit : Oh wonderful so you are the king of misogny)

Today however, I’m going to make my case for the larger ladies. Yes you in the back row who can finish a Porterhouse steak, and clear a bleep bleep swimming pool when you cannon ball, I got your back (or a fraction of it at least lol).
( well isn't he a breath of lovely fresh air. And yup, his picture isn't plastered everywhere to be criticized. But I can pretty much bet he is tiny in so many areas)

Not Afraid To Eat

It’s boring when you sit down at a nice restaurant and your date orders a garden salad. Yea it’s cheaper, but if we weren’t ready to pay for a Filet Mignon, we wouldn’t have asked to take you out. A big girl is likely to clean her plate (and yours) and have enough room for dessert. Eating alone is no fun.

( Wrong. Not every girl eats a lot . Not every skinny girl eats salads. Clearly he has never been around real girls and lives in his mom's basement. Fat girls are all different. Some girls have slow metabolism , some girls simply are built bigger , some girls aren't fat but society teaches us that the skinnier the better but let's face it, that's not true. Also, why are you taking someone out because they eat? That's a little weird my friend.)

Less Likely To Be Conceited

Super hot girls who get hit on constantly, are stuck up beyond belief. Comments like “Hey I like your hair today” get laughed at and grazed over. They’ve also got entire cell phone full of guys who want to bang them. That means, even if you do end up dating her, she’s liable to be getting drilled by 2 or 3 other fleshrockets at the same time.

( ok, a pretty girl is a pretty girl and fat or skinny they will get hit on constantly. Let's face it losers like you will hit on anything and still think you are doing THEM a favour. If a guy thinks it is easier to get close to a girl like me because I have fat, then he's mistaken. We can smell desperation, and we do have self respect. The truth is, skinny or fat male attention has never been my problem so if you think that by hitting on me you will get farther think again my friend. Just because I am nice doesn't mean I can't smell the eau de frat boy miles away)
Will Give You A BJ That You Won’t Ever Forget

Every single guy who read this and experienced it is smiling right now. I asked my dad a few years ago “Hey dad, why do fat girls give better head?” This is when he told me that they will work a lot harder to keep their man. A model can get whoever she wants, so why perfect the art? My dad is smart, so we’re going to use this as an acceptable answer.

( Geez nice parenting skills dad. This is the thing I hate the most about this stereotype. What does being fat having anything remotely to do with this exactly? Why is this about the guy's personal enjoyment and not a woman? Oh, right that would mean not objectifying them instead of us somehow being an open mouth.  Furthermore, women can't be clumped together in a mass riptide of overgeneralization. That's as bad as saying x race is ugly. And even if it were true, girls still wouldn't give it to a guy who is acting like you are giving it to them as a favor. A lot of hot guys with this mentality have said this to me, and not once did I accept. Go hire an escort. ... see below the slam poem a girl said about this topic)
More Durable

Do you ever like to wrestle around with your girl? Maybe throw her in an armbar or choke hold while you’re watching a UFC event on TV? Damn right you do, it’s fun. Kinda like body slamming a little brother into the couch cushions when your parents weren’t looking. Anyway, I have found that girls with a little bit of weight on them, can dish it out and take it too. Sure they might be out of breath after 30 seconds of grappling, but at least they won’t cry about you messing up their hair.

( Um... yeah so wait we are lazy and yet we are athletic??!)
Will Keep You In Shape

I don’t even know how to explain this next part without getting graphic.

( Yeah let's skip that one)

Warmer When It’s Cold Out

It’s the winter time right now, and winter sucks balls. Nights are long, unpleasant and nippy. You can remedy this with a girl that has a few rolls. Let’s say your arm is cold: Simply snuggle up behind her (spooning style) and slip your arm in between her chub folds. Instant body heat.

Gah. Sorry. I know there are plenty of men out there who appreciate curvy girls because they find them beautiful and not because they are buying into these awful stereotypes. Curvy girls are human beings not your personal toy. ( unless they asked to be... in that case... moving on)


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Whoever wrote this is so ******* delusional that it's actually funny.

u mean the author of the original post? Yeah it's ridiculous but there are loads of " Bros" who write and act like this, it's disgusting.

Those "men" are losers. I wouldn't even give them the time of day if I were you. They're pathetic and very immature, and based on what this idiot has written, I would venture to say he has never even been with a woman.

Well said. I find the person and personality attractive, not the looks of the person.

thanks... I think.

hugssssssssss, love what you wrote

well thank you.

Exactly. You nailed it.

Well said.