Hi, I'm 18 and trying to make it work with a marine.. my marine and I have dated two yrs then broke up for one and started seriously talking again. When he came back from boot camp he was a complete different person. He wasn't the person i knew and dated. I was worried , but i thought maybe it was just a thing that they go through and would get over at some point. He went back for three month training in Oklahoma . when he first got there he was in rehab because something was wrong with his back. we talked everyday any second he got he would call me and tell me that he wanted our relationship to work out and when he gets back we start our lives with each other like we talked about when we were younger. I thought that was great and supported him all the way and let him know he was missed. after a while i didn't hear from him at all . after a month of not talking he finally text-ed me say sorry I've been in my own little world , and that it make the time go by faster. he also said i want to hold off on the relationship for a while. Even though it did break my heart to hear him say that i had to understand and say okay.  We text-ed and talk about how we did still want to" see each other" and i said okay that's fine. Two weeks later I text-ed him asking if he was in town and back home. He did talk for a bit and we did hook up , but after that he hasn't really talked to me.. He is very short and not open at all. He gets deployed in Feb of 2011 and I'm prepared for that. but he says he doesn't want to have to worry about someone while his is trying to fight a war. i understand completely but do i wait till he gets back from being deployed and see what happens or what. he is a totally new person and because i thought we were going to work things out and be together i went and graduated high school early just so i could start my life...He says he still loves me and is always there if i need someone but I'm so confused about what to do..

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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010 sounds like he doesn't care about the relationship. He probably cares about you but just doesn't want to settle down just yet. He is also probably busy and doesn't want you to feel bad cause he forgot to text you. Let him do his thing and you do yours. Live your life and have fun, he told you he wanted to hold off, so that's what you should do for him too. If itsmeant to be it will happen, if not you have the memories of what you guys did have! You're at a young age so who knows how many guys you will meet in college and such! Just have fun! If you need to talk I'm here!

pleasssee help me in any way...