Our Story

Hi my name is Andrea., As im sitting down writing this, my boyfriend is getting ready to leave to boot camp. They have been delaying it for more than a year. We met freshmen year in high school but started dating junior year and since then we have been inseperable. The first thing he told me when we met that afternoon in algebra class was that he was going to be a marine and serve his country like his older two brothers. He graduated a semester early to go to bootcamp but unfortunately they kept changing his date. Last sunday he left and i thought it was it but he came back monday night because they accidently sent him and their was no room left. Today his leaving again and i know it is for sure., but i am really happy for him because i know its his dream coming true. I am not going to lie , i feel horrible, sad and depressed but i know we belong together, I know he loves me and iam going to be by his side. I support his decison and yes i am scared but i believe in love and in him.I look for the next 3 months, i am going to feel lonley and sad but my heart is going to be proud and strong. I maintain a great relationship with his family so being with them is going to help me. I love him and i will wait for him at home., this is only  the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

Soon to be a United States Marine Girlfriend!Always Faithful

andii andii
18-21, M
Feb 28, 2010