Well everything came to a end. Just to think there is no "Us" anymore. It hurts but I guess its what you wanted after all.. The mean & hurtful things you& your family have said about me is unbelievable. But that's just life right? How am I always the bad guy? How does it all become my fault? Its not what I wanted. But its time I let things go & walk away... After everything I ever did for you, stuck by your side while you was inside since I've been 16 guess it was never good enough.. So confused.... So heartbroken. I could put so much blame on you for all the bad things you have done to me. But I always loved you to much! Now I'm stuck with a habit I wish I never had & feel so along...
LillyJean13 LillyJean13
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

You can make it <3