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Husband Crossdresses

I am turned on by seeing my husband crossdressing, he enjoys wearing panties, pantyhose and all types of lingerie, him crossdressing is a major part of our bedroom play. We often wear matching panties, or matching lingerie and have a few sexy costumes also. Most men who crossdress spend years trying to figure out how to tell there partner, many who have told there partner are surprised that there partner actually accepts it and likes it. Its a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and many woman I have talked to say that a man that likes to crossdress makes for a much better lover, I would have to agree with them. They express he is more intune to her needs and is unselfish, plus the fact that crossdressing excites him so much and he pays so much more attention to her pleasure. Thanks to our society becoming more open minded many woman are relaxing and not jumping to conclusions when it comes to finding out there man likes to wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Some woman will be totally fine with it right from the start, they will not even question anything they will just go with it, and others will be met with resistance and you will have to communicate with them and ease any concerns they have. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple 26-30 4 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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My wife started my journey into cross dressing many years ago with bedroom play with me dressing in lingerie for her. Over the years she has changed me into a full time feminine sissy husband. I love the fact that my wife has taken full control over me and that she likes that everyone knows that i am her submissive sissy husband. I wish you both many happy times in the future.

My wife and I have worked out my crossdressing over many years. I have dressed since a child and she accepted early in our relationship but without knowing the depth I had in me. We are now very happily shopping together for fem stuff for me, and I dress at home, and behind closed doors. We are slowly getting me into feminine clothes for non-gender changing attire which is noticable but not striking like coming out in skirt, makeup, and wig. I find the fem male dress very amenable to my style and my wife's. I have found a new love for her, not like a sexual lust but a very high level fulfillment in sharing this part of me with her and having her as a partner. I am free to go where I want to, but respect her boundaries that are mostly concerned with our community reputation which is also very important. Having a secret life behind closed doors together is also very intimate. Any ideas for wearing without coming out in public are appreciated. Also, thanks for being open and sharing your lifestyle.

me not so much i told my girlfiend bout it sdhe accepted but shes not really liking the idea of it

Nothing better for bedroom games when you are both dressed in matching linerie and high heels!