My Candy Filled Dish!!

I woke up this morning, the sweet smell of Chanel Coco in the air, drifting from my cleavage for last night’s dancing with the girls at San Tropie, a local dance bar. As my eyes open the pink wall brighten and a view of the open closet reveals my collection of sequenced party dresses and work ensembles. Looking, I see I properly rehung last nights dress but must have been so tired, did not undress any further. Readjusting my bra strap as I rose from my satin sheets, I realized the weekend had arrived and I was planning to go shopping! I jumped up and undressed fully and started my bath of lavender bath oil beads and rose oil. Soaking in the bath make my skin sooo smooth and supple, I love that feeling!

Feeling all fresh, smooth, and pretty, I opened my lingerie drawer and gazed at all my pretty bras. There are balconettes, contours, longlines, and pushups, all in silk or satin with pretty lace and bows. The colors of each one made me smile as I would when seeing a rainbow in the sky! I picked my favorite and it fit sooo perfect. Opening my panty drawer, there’s that rainbow, grasped the matching one and made it a set. A matching open bottom girdle in the corner of the drawer with attached garters slipped on so easy. As I slipped on a pair of RHT on my smooth legs and clipped on the garters, my body shuttered in the sensation of feeling silky. Then as I added a slip, my black dress, pretty pumps, the doorbell rang.

My neighbor hairdresser and make-up guru Sandie, has arrived to do my make-up and hair. As girls do, we small talked as she did my hair and make-up, as she usually does on a Saturday morning. She is always flirting with me, complimenting me on my cleavage, jewelry choice, or ensemble. She likes to kiss my neck when doing my hair, or feel me when I defenseless…I’m so ticklish. We love each other’s friendship and share clothes, jewelry, secrets and advice. Well, that day, Sandie had to run to help another friend so we said our goodbyes sensually as she skipped out my door.

Gosh, Sandie did a beautiful job on my hair and make-up, as I gazed at myself in the full length mirror in my boudoir! To look so glamorous, feel so feminine, and see myself in radiant beauty is intoxicating! This is going to be a Candy day!! All primped, sexy, and sultry, I grabbed my purse and clicked my high heels towards the door. As I reached toward the door with my matching painted French nails, whiffs of perfume tickled my nose as my nylons tugged my garters and my breasts engulfed the tips of my pointy longline bra. I turned the knob, giggling in my girlie state, “The door won’t open”, has become my fate!!!

A flash of light from a far away sight, I knew not what was happening, but it was so captivating! The beeps grew louder, and then it was over!!! Over my shoulder, the alarm was sounding as my heart was pounding. The realization was there, as I would fare, back to the reality, its Monday morning, damn that cursed warning! As I open my eyes, I realize, the dream I thought, was perfectly sought. For the wall were pink, the world was in sink! The scent of chanel was in the air, and being girlie was sooo there!

That’s when the wife nudged we to wake up and get to work!....drat!

This is a true dream I had not too long ago...  and I love funnies so I thought I would share.

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nice way to start the day