Hey, Girly Girls: I Need Your Girly-ness Real Quick!!!!

Hi, Ladies!!!!

I am a graduate student and fellow girly-girl, and I am presently piloting a study for my dissertation. I am in need of data from all kinds of people in all walks of life, but I still need about one hundred adult women that self-identify as gender-typical. That means I am especially seeking information from gals like yourselves!!!

One of my primary goals for this project is to shed light on ways that different populations may be better served in mainstream medical settings. Would you help me with this research by taking a short survey?

My UCSD HRPP-IRB Project # is 100557, and my UCSD-approved recruitment text is as follows:

Researchers from University of California at San Diego are collecting information for a future study that will examine the ways that various differences between people may or may not be related to differences in their thoughts and feelings.

Internet message board users have an opportunity to help scientists understand the ways that people from diverse walks of life experience and display their emotions.

It is our hope that this work could help those from many populations by clarifying the unique needs of various communities, particularly in medical settings.

If you are over the age of 18, will you help us with our research?

On average, this survey takes between 5 and 8 minutes to complete.

Your answers will help us immensely, and we greatly appreciate your time and willingness to assist with this research. Thank you in advance!

If you are over the age of 18 and volunteer to take this survey, please follow this link: http://socialcognition.ucsd.edu/cs/


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May 17, 2012