Attention Fellow Girly Girls

My little bro betmaker was Runin his mouth Sayn boys are better than girls, so I made a bet with him, if I can get a hundred views and or comments I get to do what EVER I WANT TO HIM but nothing painful, so comment on what should happen to him when I get a hundred comments :)
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I know this was posted in December but is the bet still running? I think he should walk a mile in our shoes. Make him as feminine as you can without surgery or pumping him full of hormones, teach him how to act like a lady, then have some quality girl time out on the town.

If you drive just make sure it's a town where no one knows him. I was a boy who's now a woman trying to rectify that mistake and I can tell you from experience that it can be rough. It would be a good experience for him but not worth the teasing he'd endure in school (if he's still school-age), at work, or trying to get a date so take him to an "unknown land" for his safety.

he has got alot to learn if he thinks boys are better than girls,i lost to girl at everything,this will be a good lesson for him,make sure he really remembers it for the rest of his life,make him do all your chores and bring you drinks while you watch him


Dress him in you lingerie and do his *** with a ***** or vibrator until he squirts himself then make him eat it!

Well I dressed him as a girl and eww why would I do that to my bro?!? He's not gay he don't like stuff in his butt?!?

Love this bet very nice


Hmmm he should be worried

Have fun babe!

as a guy even i gotta admit girls are the best, i mean you can get us to what ever you want with just a flash. also for the bet you should have done more than just that, you should of really got him :p also did you manage any pictures of it?

well my fem side feels ladies are always better would love to have you add me and make me up when ever you want

u hit 100 yet

Yep :)

what did u do to him

Hehe lets just say he got in touch with his feminine side :)

u made him dress as a woman
for how long btw thats what i wouldve done

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dress him up in your best bras and panties also a nice fitting top and a mini skirt with mesh nylons. and four inch heals and a wig and most of all makeup then take him out for a girls night out. :)

I wish I would have seen this post earlier. I would have added a comment to help you out. I guess it didn't matter though, as you obviously got more than needed. I love your punishment of him and would have loved to see pictures. I do understand and appreciate your agreement to not post any pics. though. Still, they would have been awesome to see. Has he attempted to annoy you any more since he lost the bet?

Pffft, he wishes! There is no way that boys are better than girls! Gah! I'm trying to think of something witty to go with that but nothings coming. I realise that my comment is null and void because you've obviously won the bet but I just wanted to lend my support to the obviously better gender. ;)

Lol thanks girl :)

And ur comment is definitely not null and void :)

sounds like fun keep us updated..

Lol k

tried to add you but it wont let me...friend me? ;-)

K ill add u

So many possibilities. Do you only get to pick one?

Lol I made him dress as a French maid and he was my maid/Barbie doll for the day lol

That sounds like it was a lot of fun. : )

Lol it was

Did he have as much fun as you did?

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Turn him into your French Maid for the day.

Lol I did :)

You get to dress him as a prostitute and he has to stand on a corner until he gets at least an offer of sex for money lol

Lol I dressed him up but sadly not that :)
So sexy guess what I'm doin right now :)
Ps lol if I start to annoy you just let me know lol I'm a chatter box

Uhmmmmmmmm not sure..... im getting ready to take the dog for a walk so ill be back in about 30 mins. I tried to add you but it wouldnt let me.

K ill add u

Okie dokie im back.......

Cool :) lets message eachother

Did u get my messages?

I like your idea make him dress then pimp his *** great story

Lol :)

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be real mean to him :3

Trust me girl, I was :) also sweet profile pic :)

Since he was stupid enough to make this bet, in this case the girl is smarter and better than the boy.


Interesting... don't be too mean to him. :-)

Lol I wasent, if you scroll down you some I said what I made him do :)

Oh gosh haha ...

He has to run around "outside" the house naked. LOL

Boys are better than girls

Ner ner na na


Lmfao that's hilarious how old is he???? :D

Lol he's 15

Lol does anyone wanna know what I made him do?

I would love to know

i would like to know

I put him in a pink thong and bra, with fake boobs, a red top and a white mini skirt white red heels, tons of make up and fake eyelashes and fake nails

thats it

Lol he also had to do stuff for me

Did you take pix? Or make him go outside?

what did you make him do?


What did he do for u?

Lol I had him get me drinks and food and anything else I wanted :)

Wow he's getting his first crossdressing how did he like it 'll

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Makeupprincess. I thinks boys are better than girls. Please do the same or worse to me!



Dress him completly as a Lolita or Cosplay. These are very frilly and would be fun to take him to a restaurant dressed like this.

well make him wax, women do it all the time its not that painful!

Lol I made him shave

your a yousure thats wrong i will never vote you your sick

make sure to get pictures!

Lol if only sadly I'm not able to

Don't forget perfume !

Lol I almost forgot :) I just got done doin his makeup and nails, he is now changing into his new outfit :)

You have to take the humiliation a step further and make him leave the house, at the very least. (:

i'm with the making him dress like a girl thing but go a step further and make him go clubbibg with you and your girl friends

Make him dress up like a girl...wig, make up, skirt hose bra, panties, blouse and heels.

Lol I am :) he's gonna be my maid/Barbie doll

Make him wear your bra and panties to work all day

fill up your swimming pool [ if you have one ] with gravy,jelly,custard ect and drag him in [ without hurting him ] :D

Lol but ain't there a huge possibility that could kill him?

let him give you money

make him buy you lunch and then spend the afternoon with him shopping for clothes, shoes and pocketbooks.


Lol u trolled me









tie his hands behind his back and then jack him off, but just before he comes, STOP! Watch him beg and suffer, have a video cam ready and save it for future use.

Lolz! :D

Change him so he isn't so misogynistic!

Those are some reasons that men aren't necessarily better than women.

Lol ikr

Well I'm not a girly girl, but I can comment.

1. Men are more susceptible to diseases in general because of the one X chromosome that they have. Women have two, which protects their genetic material from defects better. It's like having back-up for your computer when something goes wrong. Whereas in males, I read that the Y chromosome is smaller and holds less genetic material, or something along the lines that it is a little defective compared to the X chromosome.

2. Women are more flexible then men

3. Women live longer

4. People come through the world through women. Without them, no babies could be born.

5. I read somewhere that women's organs can kinda move around a bit, which is a cool fact. This is to accomodate a pregnancy I guess but it's still cool.

6. Since women's 'special parts' are not hanging down as in the case of a male, they cannot be as easliy cut off or mutilated.

7. We can empty out our bladders better.

Cool :)

Lol I just told my brother bout what he's gonna have to do tomorrow :)

dress him like sissi girl and take him to shopping mall :)

Guess what, I got a hundred views I win :) I'm gonna dress my bro as my personal French maid :)


Lol sorry we have a agreement to not take embarrassing pics of eachother

Tell the girl he likes that he still sleeps with micky mouse and watches Barny. hehe...*oh, I can't spell all too well btw ^^ *

Lol I couldn't do that it's just evil

*sigh* ahh, oh well :))

Lol I've decided to dress him as a French maid and he'll basically be my little errand girl/Barbie doll :)

oh gee, isn't that adorable. hehe :)_)

Lol yep

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paint his nails and do his makeup and video tape the whole thing HAHa

Lol :)

When you get your hundred, DO share with us what you do with him! Yum!


K :)

I got a hundred views :)

GO for it.... Agreed different is not better.

sure... that's fair, pick something where a woman has the natural advantage. also... what does he have to do to win?

maybe if you win you get to explain to him how different is not the same as better. :)

ah, just saw comment about it expiring.

make him shave his legs

Lol I'm gonna do that and what MN1982

Said :)

Make him dress up in all that stuff mini skirt, 4" heel, make up, etc. Then take him to the drug store and make him buy tampons!!!!!!! While you record the whole things of course:)!

Lol rotf YES :) lol

Baker him buy things for you! Clothes, food, etc.

Lol good idea :)

Dress him up in a pink cami, white mini skirt and a hot pink thong lol lol

Lol k he'll look so prettyfull lol now to decide how long I want his fake nails to be lol
And to decide if I wanna be nice and only have him wear clip on earrings or be evil and make him pierce em :)

Lol and to decide on how high his heels will be lol and if I'm gonna make him shave his body :)

Long n pink lol :) and don't forget his makeup

Lol and trust me I won't :)
Lol do you think I should make him get his ears pierced and eyebrows plucked?

Yes omg girl that would be great but do you think he would do it add me girly I need more girly girl friends ima crossdressing married bisexual man pleaseeeeee xoxo :)

Lol he'd do it, he's a man of his word and k

I hope you don't think it's weird but it's real tragic when you have nobody but your wife who knows about you except on here and nobody talks to you about it on here ya know, your the first person in 6 months to actually talk to me on here so just sayin

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Heels!!! defifnitely heels!!! lol

Lol k and do you think I should make him wear a dress or a skirt? Lol and I'm definitely gonna make him wear a bra now to decide if I want him to wear panties or a g string or somn :)

Lol comment people the question expires soon :)

Do a complete night makeup with cat eyes and full red lip then make him wear girly cloths ;p

Lol :) lol what clothes do you think I should make him wear? :)

Sounds like a fun thing to do. Hope you get 100 real quick!

Make him up and put on sexy girly clothes for 24 hours! Even a wig so he is as passable as possible

Lol yes :) lol now to figure out what clothes to make him wear

Personally, I've had it up to here with the battle of the sexes, I surrender! Good luck anyway.

Lol hes not sexist we just like to annoy eachother :)

boooo to your brother!

Ikr what should I make him do if I win?

Also I have to get thosse views or comments before the question expires

Also if he wins I have to admit boys are better and I have to wear ungirly clothes for a day and no makeup :(