Yes I Am

I love being girly.I love to buy shoes,love the colors pink and purple.I love to day dream about prince charming,riding in to rescue me. I buy makeup every time I go into a store,even though I dont always wear it.I might not be the most beautiful girl on earth,but I love to get dolled up and go out with my girls.I adore expensive parfum!If I were more confidant about my body,I would probably have tons of pretty, lacy,girly lingerie.I love to get my nails done and paint my toenails.I am not weak like people think girlie girls are(we are not!).I love being girlie.
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
7 Responses Jun 11, 2007

I am totally them same. But sometimes I love my baggy shirts and shorts and black nail polish but I love being a girly girl hugs and kisses xoxo <3 Jess

I need to get into make up sales.

omg im such a girly girl 2 i love saying hey girlfriend alot<br />
love vicky xxxx

I think you have echoed my sentiments exactly babes. Its just great being a girlie girl. Mwah x

Somebody has to do it to make up for girls like me:) You can have my share of all that stuff!

Thank you

Well not only are you a Girly girl but in my opinion you are a very pretty one. no this isnt some cheesy pickup line just telling you what i think.