To Fill Empty Hearts

I feel that there are very few more important things in this life as a human being than giving love to others. Maybe I am just projecting, but I feel like most of us aren't loved the way we are meant to be loved, with full acceptance of flaws and forgiveness of past and future mistakes. I am not the only one starved for true loving connections, am I? When I give to others, it fills my own heart with joy, so I am a natural giver. 

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

This has always confused me to a certain degree. I tend to be more of a "giver" myself, but my motivation seems selfish. I like to give because it makes me feel good. So am I truly a giver?<br />
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I also believe you have to temper your giving nature with some selfishness, or you tend to lose yourself. I think that's more true for women though, than it is for men. Some men love a woman who essentially gives so much she loses herself, but I like some independence in my woman. Makes life more interesting.