The War Of Scientific Knowledge And Mystic Knowledge

I was birthed and reared by a wonderful woman that was a devoted Christian.
This war going on in my mind is very controversial and disturbing. My knowledge of science conflicts with my religious education. I have found a compromise between my own mind and my mothers teachings. This Gnostic "religion" has justified my mental revolution. I don't even believe that we need a label of any kind to help advance my species. All of the good sayings have been taken, like, "The Golden Rule" rules!, and 'To thine own self be true".
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Don't know if you will get this since conversation dates back to Nov 2012, just before the world came to an end.

I am almost identical to you in our background. My mom was devout Christian. I have a strong science background. I believe the gnostic gospels are closer to the essence of Christ than the other gospels. I think the other gospels fell back almost immediately into the culture that Jesus was sent to change.
Gnostic s were prevalent until the Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicea in the 3rd century. The purpose of the Council was to decide which version of the gospels would become the law of the land. And I mean that literally, because Constantine wanted to make Christianity the state religion. What he demanded from church leaders was a consistent story line he could codify into law. Church leaders did that through a political process and the Gnostic s lost. They were then hunted down and "converted" (sometimes by sending them back to their creator a bit earlier than expected). Their writings were destroyed. Some escaped into exile and continued to write. Those writings have started to be unearthed beginning with the Gospel of Mary Magdalena (who I think was clearly the disciple closest to Jesus and who understood him better than any of the males) in 1895. I think he shared the most important revelations with her knowing that the males would revert to their "traditional thought patterns. I ask;If Jesus had to give the most important revelation to somebody for safe keeping while the seeds of the true revelation were planted, took root, and grew to maturity, where would he hide it? In the heart of a women, for no man would ever look there.

Right wing Christians continue today with the same vigor to persecute Gnostic views of the same events recorded by their gospels. The biggest reason for the persecution is that Gnosticism promotes a personal relationship with the higher power. Learning what you should do to act with a christian spirit comes from your personal relationship. Literature can guide that discussion but not prescribe it.

Traditional Christianity prescribes format, content, and outcome of the relationship you must have with the higher power in order to be "saved". When I was growing up many of my friends were Catholic and I was appalled that they were not supposed to read the Bible, but instead read the catechism. A blatant example of "you don't need to think about this for yourself, just think what I tell you and do what I tell you and you will be saved.

The real question is who "controls" your spiritual grow. God or the church. I vote for God and that is why I value the Gnostic Gospels.

"To thine own self be true".....this means you believe in your own godhood.

A christian (defined by Jesus) is a person who has surrendered to Christ any self justification in meriting favor with God, repenting and trusting in Him alone for salvation. It means Christ is his or her Lord, not self.

So by Jesus' definition you are not identified as a christian, but as an idolator, which is worshipping anything but God. And people who make themselves most important are idolators.

I hope this clears your thoughts up my friend. Science doesn't disprove Christ or His words.

Thank you for reading my innermost thoughts. His teachings is not what I have any problems with. Remember I have been a self described Christian all my life. My problem is deciding to blindly believe man's interpretation of Jesus's teachings or praying to God for my answers. My greatest fears come from man's words not God's. I hope this better explains my beliefs. Danny

Thank you fpr replying Dan.

So can I see if I follow what you are saying here? You don't have a problem with what Jesus taught, right? But since it's the writer's of the New Testament who alone shared what He taught, you can't believe their can you be content with what He taught if you don't believe what the writer's shared that He taught???