Hell Yeah!

I can spell my own name with a capital first letter!

I can tie my own shoes!

I can cook!

**Disclamer** Whilst some people dress to kill, I just cook that way - NO ONE I repeat NO ONE HAS DIED!!! Yet.

I have a sense of humour

Ah Life Is Grand!

I Am A God Damn Genius!

Did I mention I'm female... that of course is the first prerequisite obviously!


Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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24 Responses Aug 11, 2010

um yeah an your point is thesower? I can't personally stand cooking most of the time.

So your tough, and you like to cook. <br />
and your a woman.<br />
First story I read of yours.<br />

Yeah I'm something special all right. Spelling my own name *emphasises* with a capital letter!!!!

Talya i woldnt forget that one

Shopgirl, it's all on your mind set... Seek to be more and you will..

Da women, huh? I can't cook, atleast not anything edible. Does that mean I am not a genius?

*cough splutter choke* THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER?????? Ugh! They are a male ***** revue! I'm The Genius From New Zealand!

Being able to lick ones own chilled hard nipples is quite the achievement!!!! You do ROCK!!!<br />
<br />
Could you be the THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER???

Hell Yeah.. Feel me people.. I rock..

ROFLMAO @ this whole story and comment thread! YOu're not just a genious, you're friggin TALENTED!! Esp. with that leg-crossing, tongue-swirling, nipple-licking technique!! :O

nah.. the first part pff any dumbass can do that, and I'm a genius remember! LMAO<br />
<br />
I can go one better.. not only can I cross my legs, swirl my tongue, but I can then use my tongue to lick my nipples at the same time!

Thought that you could handle that cause don't some women speed talk and somehow they have to breathe right??? LOL!!!! Or your not that type???<br />
<br />
Can you cross your legs and swirl your tongue at the same time???? *wink*

*sits, breaths, stands up.. turns purple.. falls over.. breaths again* ahh crap you got me there!

Guess changing a single letter changes the whole word now huh??? LOL!!!!! Can you breath while talking too??? I am sure that you could cause your DA woMAN!!!!!

Pfff.. one letter?? Try one word! :P And.. duh I can spell my name and chew gum whilst walking.. I am da WOman..

Hey I never claimed to be a genius..... Of course when you change one letter in your name.... pfffft!!!!

Oh come on... this coming from the guy who called the wrong name out while kissing me.. *huffs*

Never said your a genius..... LOL!!!! Crazy and funny of course, but genius? Hummmm...... LOL!!!!!

Nah.. I've got one better! Do what Steve-O did (have a picture of a friend tattooed on your back) I'll volunteer my picture!

Can I just get a tattoo of hannah montana on my forehead?

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! Wana get tattoo's?? I'll get Sweet.. and you get Dude! =D

**** yea i can agree with this hahaha.

Blah blah blah! Duh, I'm female.. I am a genius ;)

No argument here except that last one...