For One Thing, I'm The Only Won Who Spells Genias Correctly....

Yesterday I was able to reveal to all on EP that there have been factual inaccuracies on the internet. Granted, I didn't discover that, but I shared it. It's like gravity. I mean gravity was there before Newton discovered it. He just happened to drop a Fig Newton, brushed it off and carried on eating. But he shared it (the gravity thing, not the snack.)

Same with my revelation. It was like a bolt from the blue.Not my realization, but I shared it and that's the thing.


I have been spending considerable time wondering what to do with my life and yesterday made me realize that my mission in life is to share what I know with the good folks on EP who know less than me... Wouldn't you?

I mean if you had the deep religiosity of Tom Cruise...

The political integrity of Joe Lieberman...

The philosophical depth of Jack Handy

The talent of that guy who sings Chocolate Rain

The modesty of well, I was going to mention a person here, but mine is a meta-modesty. The kind of modesty that can and does make the universe feel small.

Then there's intelligence. Not just the genius of those students who break walls with their faces on College

See, I never went to college. My intelligence is street smart.

I have rational and emotional intelligence

Like Rush Limbaugh. He's intelligent, but he also gets emotional with it. I like that.

Not like that Paul Krugman guy who's a cold fish.

Bottom line. It's all here. On this page, so to speak. We don't have to be on my page. Or your page. Just the same page. It can be any page on this site.

To quote Michael Jackson (before he did the crotch grabbing thing), I'll be there.

This is my mission in life. To bring light, to bring knowledge

On any topic.

If you need directions, cool.

Spelling. I am so their.

A recipe? I know people.

A name for your band? You can count on me (that names taken, but I know others).

Answers to life's pressing questions. Yes

Answers to life's ironing questions? Ditto.

I am your thesaurus of wisdom, here to slake your thirst for answers.

But only if you let me.

As they say, you can lead horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

And you can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think.
penguinswon penguinswon
12 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Cabbie, isn't it nice to know the geniuses aren't hoarding all the info?

Oh wise one! I sit in awe, or, ore .... ummmm, yeah ... X@

Thanks for sharing :-)

religiose |riˈlijēˌōs|<br />
adjective<br />
excessively religious.<br />
religiosity |riˌlijēˈäsətē| noun<br />
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Latin religiosus, from religio ‘reverence, obligation.’

Thank God for that! I think he sux.

Inaccuracies on the internet????????

Actually, if you hold the hooker's head under the water and then sucker punch her, you can be pretty well sure she'll swallow something. Water that is. I meant water. Water.

actually I despise him.. the entire piece was written tongue in cheek

Never thought I'd add a guy who likes Rush (the guy, not the band) but I like what you have to say. I'll add ya!

hahahaaaa<br />
<br />
love the horticulture bit.<br />
<br />
oh my!<br />
<br />

it was a voice... from cyberspace.. it's been calling but your brain was busy

Salvation at last for all those lost in the wilderness of ignorance... if only they were smart enough to know where to look for the never-ending font of all knowledge!<br />
<br />
So glad I managed to stumble across it in my blind wanderings ... or was it the font that came to me?