Tell Me!

I know that there are Goddesses out there!  Come on in and tell us about your Succulent, Juicy, Wild Goddess selves!

What does being a Goddess mean to you?

What makes you a Goddess?

Is there a particular Goddess archetype that you identify with?

Tell your story here or comment in one of the forums!

Namaste and Blessings,
ShewhoisEvolving ShewhoisEvolving
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4 Responses Dec 29, 2007

I don't think i have any recommendations that spring to mind... But I love the idea of discovering some wonderful goddess archetypes. A friend of mine really liked and identified with Hecate and her protectiveness, but recently told me that Hecate can be quite dark in her power as well...

Thank you Cinderelly! <br />
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Like life, it is a work in progress. I have hopes that you and others might find inspiring words and stories to share with us here. <br />
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I plan on doing a summary on various goddess archetypes in the near future, and I want to post a forum with a suggested reading list. If you have any book recommendations feel free to share them in the forum!

I just wanted to say, Syn, that I love this story and your juicy little words! Such a great group. :)

Personally, I don't think either god or goddess energy should hold supremacy--that is hierarchal. I think we need to find a way to honor both types equally. But, yes, the gods have had their way for too long--that's why we are in the mess we're in.