My Top Ten List

I am a Goddess.

Every woman can be a Goddess if she sets her mind to it.

1.     First of all, you can't pay any attention to the media.    They have totally skewed views on who we should be & what we should look like.    Seriously, do you want to look like a Paris Hilton wanna-be?     Just the thought makes me shudder.

2.     Don't take yourself too seriously.    Those are not wrinkles.   They are laugh lines.   Laugh lines are earned, wear them proudly.    There's not a man on earth who doesn't find them attractive.   If he doesn't, clearly he is a hybrid alien and should be banished from the planet.

3.     Treat yourself the way you treat others.    A lot of us are kinder to strangers than we are to ourselves.    If you master this one, you are well on your way to ruling your own kingdom.

4.     Never underestimate your power to make a difference.    The most random act of kindess, a friendly smile, the simple act of listening, a card or a note ... can make a huge difference in someone's day.   Use your power often & wisely.

5.     Always remain curious.   Curious about life, about people, about everything in the world.   Never stop learning.    You'll never be bored or boring.

6.     Accept the fact you will make mistakes.   Nobody gets everything right.   If you're lucky & open to the opportunity, you'll learn something.

7.     Remember your manners.    I'm not joking.   Manners are very important and disappearing at an ever increasing rate.    We have a duty to teach those who have forgotten or never learned.      You must first behave as a lady if you hope to obtain Goddess status.

8.     Be grateful.   No matter what your economic status, your family dysfunction, your health issues, your cat who pukes up fur balls all day ... there is something in your life you can be grateful for.    Even if it's just that your cat didn't puke today.    Be grateful or shrivel up into an old, bitter, nasty crone with huge warts on her nose.    Don't say you weren't warned.

9.     Give.    Give anything.     Give your time to someone who needs a friend.    Donate to a food pantry.    Volunteer at a battered woman's shelter.   Give anything you can.     A true Goddess recognizes you gain more by giving away.

10.  Love freely without conditions or fear.    I don't think you need any specific instructions for this one.    It's harder than it sounds though.   Still, it should remain the ultimate goal of every Goddess to love & accept love which comes with no strings or guarantees attached.    You have to begin with yourself.
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love it and it is true

Love this list :D

Great list. You're a good teacher ! Congratulations.

Thank you!

Thank you; great post! Goddesses are strong and positive and nurturing. I think in today's dog-eat-dog world, some women have gotten the idea in their heads that the bitchier they are, the stronger they are. This really concerns me. A 'B" does not a goddess make. A goddess doesn't stoop to such levels; she doesn't find it necessary. We goddesses need to teach women by example that vulgarity and bitterness are beneath them.

Thanks Quadra.

Ms Twi ... thank you for your comment.<br />
<br />
Isn't it funny how some people can give the greatest advice to to others, but never listen to their own ... lol.

Need I say more...? Or need you...<br />
<br />
I have a friend, who really needs to read this and believe it...Thank you for the great post.

Bless you for this fantastic list. It affirms many of my hard learned lessons and eases my Holiday stess.

You're very welcome Myrsha. I'm promoting Goddesses for world wide dominance.

A crowned goddess, what a wonderful ring it has, thank you.

You're quite right Rog. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you Pixelita !

Fantastic post!!!! I loved it!

Blissy, you are a constant inspiration to me. (((( hugs ))))

You know this goes for me too Sappy. ((hugs))

Thank you Myrsha & Lena. I now crown you both Goddesses.

Great post :)