Cancer What, Where, When, Why And Who????????

I know this is probably not the place to post a story like this but I feel the more people that can pray for my mom and family the if you are a believer in God pls pray for her and us......and please don't leave me comments feeling sorry for me all I want is confidence so if u have a kind word or a strengthening word of confidence you are welcome to leave them.

Friday my mom had surgery for a mass in her overian area and it turned out to me a cancer called clear cell carcinomas which is rare but aggressive; this cancer is mostly found in patients 57 yrs or older. It have several different stages. They got as much of it as they could but now she has to be subject to kemo therapy. Wow, this is hard since she is my only living parent and if she knew I was seeking prayer online she would kick my ***. But instead of posting it on facebook I am posting my story here where I am not known by name and she can't find out what I did. If anyone is a survivor or has had anyone in there family with cancer or even has cancer the more we all pray the better the chances may it with God.

I do apologive for bringing such a sad story to the table, but I need spiritual help. Thanks for reading.
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How is your mom doing? Has she started chemo? I am a cancer survivor. In 2008 I was diagnosed with tonsel cancer, not many have ever heard of it. It had matasisised to the limphnode next to the tonsel. The tumor was going rappidly, 1/2 cm a week in length and width. The doctor said it was stated 4. The day after my b'day I started chemo and radiation therapies. I had 35 radiation treatments, 5 a week and 3 chemo treatments spread through the radiation treatments. I finished treatment July 17, 2008. My worst time was the next month. There were about 2 weeks I couldn't talk or eat. Before they started treatment they had put in a feeding tube incase this happened. It is now July 2, 20012. I am cancer free. I had my last check up 3 weeks ago. Not last, last but most resent. <br />
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I am praying for your mother. Cancer treatment has come a long way. My mom battles lukimia for over 20 years and just passed away 2 months short of her 91 b'day. Keep strong and accept your mother regardless of where her emotions go. Surviving is not easy but it is do able.<br />
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Let me know if you have questions or anything even just to chat.<br />
You need someone.

Thoughts and prayers as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with her.... hugs....

Thx they are very much apperciated.....hugs....