slavery is a one of the most important invitaion for whole human generation for thousands todays worls slavery is still alive but unfortinalely some people get this just sex slavery..ı dont think so...slavery must be used like middle ages..people who poor uncivil idiot untrained and have some slave feelings must be crushed by us who civil..leader and education..they must serve us for our whole works..not just for medieval age..we are superior than them.
sweetgoddess84 sweetgoddess84 22-25, F 5 Responses Aug 3, 2012

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If English isn't your second language (and you have no actual training in it) you have no excuse for the poor grammar and lack of sense when trying to form your argument as to why you are a goddess.

Oh really? And who would rule? You who speak in sentence fragments and double negatives? You claim "is who are civil"? Did you forget that slavery breaks the rights of those you deem slaves?
You are worse then that which you call "less than yourself" mortal.

If your goddess really existed, she'd be most displeased.

by the way lots of men wish to serve women and they wish to be slaves .

Yeah like me

this is a good idea or should i say a goddess idea ?

I have no problems being a slave for a goddess and fulfill her every wish