Love, Trouble, Denial

So That's kind of a long story, but when i lived in Alliance my boyfriend of the time christened me "Goddess Gypsy of Love, Trouble, and Denial"

It was pretty accurate back then, and managed to stay accurate into my early 20s, i had a gift for falling in love (or being fallen in love with) getting into LOTS of trouble that could have easily been avoided and of course- Denying that i was incapable of doing anything that i felt  like i should be able to do.

It was great fun ;-)

As for now, i just don't know, I'm not really a domestic goddess, I'm a fairly good mom, but not the best one i know.


Sometimes i think it's time to remake myself again, to find that, thing about me that makes me a goddess, in control of all i see and that sort of thing. We'll get around to it someday ;-)


Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 1, 2008

You'd think that wouldn't you. ;-)<br />
Unfortunately, self reflection is hard for me and it takes a lot of time, soothing music and a "Safe place" in case i get hit with something unpleasant on accident. So for today, I'll work on being the best me i know how to be, and sort being a goddess off to another time.