In A Dream World

I am this goddess


who bewitches

your thoughts

I am this woman


who devours

your sanity

I am this girl


who sweats

your hands

I am this mystery

who dominates

your instinct

I am a goddess

who makes you

my "slave"

my friend

my lover

my everything

only mine...


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7 Responses Dec 2, 2009

Pinches back!

In my dream world I get to boss you around all day and you can't pinch me!

WOW I love it.......

I am bewitched by your beauty, by your being, by you. <br />
You are a goddess and an Angel<br />
You are the star to give guiding light<br />
I am yours as you wish.<br />
<br />
Beautiful poetry Princess.

in my dreams,u are universal...HA! all 24 hrs,i hav a gorgeous angel,goddess..what passion! such poetic words :) Beautiful writing Angel rainbow goddess of rare lov and *Exotic Beauty*xxx

Yes dear.<br />
Indeed you are.

I agree.. Your a goddess.. ;P