My Cousin Is A Gold Digger.

My cousin Brenda Bement told her husband Bill Lowe that before she would agree to marry him he had to put a big diamond on her finger and $20,000 cash in her hands. This was after two years of dating. As the SE regional VP of Cannon you would think Bill would be a good catch and not have to pay a woman to marry him. Women seem to be mostly fixated on how much a perspective mate makes although usually not to this extent. Perhaps Brenda is not that much different than most women. She is just brazen enough to ask for what she really wants. It seems we went from the era of Free Love to the era of the Material Girl.
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yeah.. that just makes her a *****. If she doesn't perform her duties than she'll get kicked to the curb. Plus a guy like that getting demands from her like that will get a pre-nup and she'll be left with nothing. And all the guys that knew what she did will laugh and ridicule her when she's down. Or worse, when she's old and looks like a ragged hag! That's exactly what she deserves!

i dont think brenda is too ashamed about this. She probably thinks she has it coming to her, or maybe she's part feminist who thinks men get their way all the time so its about time she gets some too. Gold diggers usually feel justified when they do shi* like this.

I know when a woman gets married she thinks her money is hers and the man's is ours. I also know women never think their wrong about anything. Being a feminist means never having to say you’re sorry.

That last sentence made me LOL.