Gold Diggers Shouldn't Get This Much Hate. They're Wonderful!

First of all, let me start out by saying that if a guy is stupid enough to genuinely fall for the act, then they deserve to get scammed out of their money. It's very easy to tell the difference between a good, honest woman and a woman who is just after your money. However, dealing with a gold digger isn't always so bad depending on your situation. If you are financially secure, it's both a wonderful and a legal alternative to prostitution.

I have dated girls like this from time to time in between serious relationships. They're great if you just want to have sex without any of the emotional stress involved. I make a decent living, thus, money is never a problem. You give them cash, and they give you sex. It's a great arrangement as long as both people are getting what they want.

I tend to travel a lot because of my job, so the first thing I do when I move to a new area is figure out the going rate for a good prostitute. Once I get the hourly rate, I go hunting for a good gold digger. Unfortunately, unlike prostitutes, you often have to pay gold diggers up front. However, they are more dependable than prostitutes and the risk of going to prison is completely eliminated.

The key to finding a good gold digger is to divide the amount of money you have spent on her thus far by the number of hours you've had sex with her. If this amount is less than or equal the hourly rate of prostitutes in the area, then you're in good shape. If not, it’s time to bail. However, I usually find that gold diggers are roughly about 30% cheaper than prostitutes, depending on the quality of course. Thus, it's a MUCH better idea to put a little effort into finding a good gold digger than into paying for a prostitute.

In addition, gold diggers have a tendency to favor unprotected sex. Many of them actually want wealthy men to impregnate them so that such men will be financially obligated to support her and her child for years to come. This usually happens towards the end of a gold digger's career when she realizes that she is starting to lose her most important and only asset; her sexual appeal. However, I have seen younger girls try this as well.

My solution was to get a vasectomy. It's quick, cheap, and easily reversible. She'll let you finish inside her with no protection because she WANTS to get pregnant. You'll gladly do it because... Well... It feels great and there is no need to worry about children! You will still have to worry about STDs of course, but I've noticed most gold diggers tend to do a great job at keeping themselves clean. They do a WAY better job than most prostitutes anyway. If you want to be really safe, simply have her get tested.

If you suspect she's sleeping with other men, have her get tested often. If she questions your motives, you can pretty much make up any excuse. Most gold diggers aren't very bright; as long as money is rolling in they don't ask questions. To really seal the deal, tell them that you'll pay for the costs of the tests because money is not an issue with you. I can't tell you the number of gold diggers I've reeled in with this line.

The only other issue that arises when you're dealing with gold diggers is that there is always the possibility that they might take your money and bail without giving the goods. This is extremely rare and, from my experience, only happens when they find another man who makes a lot more money than you do. When this happens, they tend to do is shift their focus to the new guy in hopes of getting a bigger pay off. In this case, you may actually end up losing some money.

The reality of the situation is as follows; in this society, men are always expected to pay up first whether you're dating a gold digger or a good, honest girl. It's just social convention whether you like it or not. So while it is a possibility that you could lose your money without getting the goods, it's a risk all guys take when, for instance, taking a girl out to dinner or a movie. The important thing is that you set a limit. Don't spend more on her than the local rate for prostitution. When you hit that limit, put a stop on the money flow and make it very clear that you will not continue to give her any more money until you receive the sexual satisfaction you desire. Do it carefully and subtly. If you do this, it is very rare that you will have any problems. If you do end up losing some money once in a while, it's really not a big deal because the savings more than make up for it in the long run. They are 30% cheaper than prostitutes and carry none of the emotional stress associated with relationships. When you’re done with them, just stop the money flow and they’ll leave almost instantly. It's really a win-win situation. Well, for the men anyway.

As I mentioned before, a gold digger's only asset diminishes in value over time while my earning potential greatly increases as time progresses. I'm not sure what happens to gold diggers over 30 years of age as I make it a personal rule of mine to never deal with women over 28, however, I would imagine that if you're into cougars you could really end up hitting the jackpot. Desperation and age drives prices way down in the sexual market.

In the end, gold diggers aren't as bad as society makes them out to be. They are a great alternative to prostitution without any of the legal or emotional repercussions. They also work great as practice girls so that when the love of your life comes along you can fulfill her every desire and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

If you get scammed by a gold digger without getting anything out of it, it's your own fault. It's a buyer’s beware market. You need to be more careful as to how you spend your money. If you are smart about it, you can essentially gain your own, personal prostitute at a discounted rate that is willing to have sex bareback with no legal or emotional repercussions. It all depends on you.
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That was an interesting take on the whole isssue. Still I can't help but wonder what fulfilment you really get out of such empty pointless relationships. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. I think it must be really sad to know that the women want you only for your money and nothing else, and to be at ease with that is worse. I think you have intimacy issues and you'd be well off to pay a counsellor than a gold digger.

I don't see anything wrong with his approach. His goal isn't to be in a meaningful relationship. It's to establish a short to long-term, no strings, pay to play arrangement with gold diggers. When and if he wants the normal type of relationship, he'll go that route.

There is no point trying to shame him. We men know what women usually want most from men are their resources. I have seen attractive and fun men get rejected many times when they had no money. However any average guy can get hot women if he has lots of money.

Men usually have high sex drives. We desire sex from young fertile women. We get money because that's one of the main factors that attracts women. They will spread their legs to pop out your baby so long as you look okay. This way with the state they can extract 18 years of money from you giving them a free meal ticket. Even if they don't they can still get a man to pay for outings, commidities and travelling so long as she's spreading her legs.

I'm a virgin, I'm very religeous, I just find people to buy me things... u put us out to be objects, it's not easy being a woman. Reading what u wrote I'm thinking "that's not fair" :D

A virgin who uses people to buy her things also reads as "that's not fair". And gold diggers see men as objects as well. A walking wallet, a sponsor, sugar daddy etc., an ATM with a ****. Those are what they see us as. Anyways, what's not fair about men and women mutually using each other? As long as they know the pros and cons about what they're doing, let them do their thing.

You are confusing Gold Diggers with girls who are willing to offer entertainment for money.

A "Gold Digger" is a girl who wants money, gifts, and meals for nothing. And offering to have sex or let you play with her body parts for money is something. Having sex would be EARNING the money.. not "gold digging."

A Gold Digger would make up every excuse she could NOT to have sex with u. Examples: I don't kiss on the first date. I have a 3 month rule. I don't do anything fun until the 10th date.

or even put the guilt on you saying stuff like:

Is that all you want me for, the sex? So you just want sex? etc...