I Go To Church Every Sunday, And On Special Holy Days.

My parents raised me to be a daughter of the Church. I am Roman Catholic, and I go to church every sunday and on those special holy days, saints days which have a resonance with my family. It is important to keep true to your faith and to be blessed by Mother Church.

I was confirmed exactly nine years after I was christened at the church here in Pampelonne. I wore a white confirmation dress, silk and tulle, much likened to a wedding dress by some. My uncles all came to witness, and my godparents sponsored me.

As I entered my teenage years and became a woman, having my menarche when I was almost thirteen years old,  I kept to my habits of churchgoing despite what else was happening at home. Even when Louis-Alexandre and I became good friends, and lovers, nothing inhibitied my church attendances.  Of course my confessions became more spicy, and my penances more severe.

Despite my friendships with Louis-Alexandre and Wayne, I am a good Catholic girl (but I won't be joining any convent congregation!).
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Yes confessions must spice up when puberty starts and naughty adulthood follows.

Good thing priests can talk about anyone's confession, otherwise there be lots more erotic books.

Bare Hugs


Now thats what I'm talking about!