I Go To Church Every Sunday, And On Special Holy Days.

My parents raised me to be a daughter of the Church. I am Roman Catholic, and I go to church every sunday and on those special holy days, saints days which have a resonance with my family. It is important to keep true to your faith and to be blessed by Mother Church.

I was confirmed exactly nine years after I was christened at the church here in Pampelonne. I wore a white confirmation dress, silk and tulle, much likened to a wedding dress by some. My uncles all came to witness, and my godparents sponsored me.

As I entered my teenage years and became a woman, having my menarche when I was almost thirteen years old,  I kept to my habits of churchgoing despite what else was happening at home. Even when Louis-Alexandre and I became good friends, and lovers, nothing inhibitied my church attendances.  Of course my confessions became more spicy, and my penances more severe.

Despite my friendships with Louis-Alexandre and Wayne, I am a good Catholic girl (but I won't be joining any convent congregation!).
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May 15, 2012