That's What I'm Told

I've worked as a cook for much of my life , on and off for about 15 years now . Funny thing is , I woudln't want to eat most of what I make ! Oh I'm good at cooking , but a real finicky eater . It's the happiness that I see in people when they get their meal , and it looks and smells good , that makes me happy and puts me in the " kitchen Zen " . I love working with kitchen equipment , cleaning , maintaining and tweaking it all , just right . For a long time I'd dreamt of working at a summer resort and now I'm in my third year at a family oriented summer resort . I must love it and be good at what I do to be in the position that I'm in .
At home though , my cooking is very simple , often just little fruit and veggie meals except breakfast , I go all out for breakfast if I have it to cook , you best be hungry at my place for breakfast time ! I do omltettes , hand-cut hashbrowns , and more , so much more !
The most important part of it all , is quality . Do your best to make a meal that's special , add hospitality , and those you serve , be it customers or family , will know that they got fed a meal that means something .
When it's all done , clean ! scrub ! mop! take good care of a kitchen whether you work in one for a living or it's the one at home , a kitchen is a special place and needs to be kept clean , organized and always ready to serve .
WisestFool WisestFool
41-45, M
May 9, 2012