I only recently came to realize that I really enjoy cooking for myself and my family. I can get lost in making different receipts. There seems to never be enough time to do all the cooking I want to do. I really enjoy all the prep work and then when the actual dish comes together. I use to just be a griller - when the holidays came I would bring out the hamburgers and hotdogs and grill them for family and friends. As my children got older I started cooking for them more. It started out with breakfast and than grew from there. Now I'll make dishes at the drop of a hat. I do which my family was a little more adventures. They don't want me to make and seafood dishes but, that's ok because there is plenty of other dishes to make for them. If I realized I liked cooking so much at a younger age I may have went to school for it. I guess that wasn't meant to be but, I am happy making meals mostly for my family.
niceguy2012 niceguy2012
41-45, M
Jul 15, 2012