What does it take to be a Good Daughter in Law? RIght now my MIL is sitting on my couch hogging the living room AGAIN 6 days in a row? She's been there for days. She was supposed to leave today but did she? Nope? Of course not why would she when she can watch cable TV ALL DAY!!! I work FULL TIME and go to school 3 to 4 days a week!!! And all she can do is watch the TV i'm paying for? Of course I can't tell her to get off her LAZY butt because thats MEAN. Thats how I feel. I am tired of being USED by her. As a great DIL I am going to have the cable cut off. That should fix that problem!!! Now as for her getting a JOB is another thing. When can you stop babying someone? Why is it okay for her to walk all over me and my husband??? She sucks!!! I'm so mad at her but all I can do is be polite. It kills me. To make matters worse she has her 17 year old son sleeping on the floor. We found her a lovely home oh but the princess didn't want it. It was just too far away. I'm sorry but you're technically homeless and you turn down a GREAT HOME!!! Because it's 45 minutes away??? Oh please spoiled rotten brat. Thats her problem. She's spoiled. Yes I'm venting. Shes eating all my food. Filthying up my living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Do you think she cleans up or offers to help. NOPE!!! She won't even cook dinner for herself. Now she has Social Security money coming in so she's not broke by anymeans. JUST LAZY!!! Of course I have to smile. Make conversation. Make dinner. FInd time to clean between school and work. Just so her highness can sit on her royal lazy behind!!!! What does a nice girl do in this situation? Right now I'm being walked all over and then some. I feel like road kill. She's just on cloud 9. She's so happy to be sitting on her butt NO JOKE I AM NOT EXAGGERATING 24 hours a day!!! Knitting and watching TV. possibly she may use the rest room but who knows. I leave for work at 5:24 AM get home at 3 pm and she's in the same spot. Go to school from 5-8 get home still in the same spot. Right now I'm not a good DIL I'm a person being taken advantage of theres a big difference. I'm tired of being a good person being walked on. THe old saying is true. Nice people get walked over. I'm tired of it. Tomorrow the Cable TV is going. And no I'm not buying an Antenna. She'll just have to find something else to do. Maybe like clean up her mess!!! Then she can find her own place to live!!! Who am I kidding she'll still sit in that same spot probably listening to fuzz on the TV. I think I'll leave. That way theres no ugliness and my husband doesn't have to lay down any ground rules. Why is it that I can tell my own mother no to something and she respect me. But my husband tells his mother no and she walks all over him. Poor guy. She abuses his kindness. She didn't even write him when he was deployed. I really think I'm going to leave.


The reason this kills me so much is because when I was a toddler my mother left my father. She had nothing but some clothes and three kids. We lived in a shelter. To poor housing. Eventually she was able to purchase a home. She worked hard ALL BY HERSELF. TO watch this woman sit on her butt and do nothing kills me. I hate it so much. I'm hard working and I know I can only be walked on for so long before I give her a piece of my mind. So tomorrow I'll start with the cable. If thats not a hint. I'll start highlighting jobs and apartments myself. If that doesn't work. She's just getting a swift kick in the BUTT and a prayer.



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22-25, F
Apr 23, 2008