Giving Roadhead And Driving Dildoes Deeply

I was a little hurt, to be honest.  Not a lot, just a tiny twinge.  But then I realized how absolutely absurd I was, and I laughed out loud.  Right in the middle of the hotel lobby.

Well...not the lobby, exactly.  It's one of those nice places that provide a small cooked breakfast and an afternoon supper meal for the guests.  So it was almost more like a big dining room, except there were comfy sofas and stuff interspersed by the tables.  And I wasn't right in the middle, either.  I was in a corner, my laptop plugged into the outlet, because it keeps losing the charge.  But I really did laugh out loud, and a few men and women looked over at me curiously.  The women resumed their activities almost immediately, but one of the men smiled at me before he went back to his conversation with his companion.

My dearest buddy and I were chatting online about our upcoming rendezvous.  Whether it will happen is anyone's guess.  He's booked the room, and plans to use it with our without me.  I need to book my airfare.  It's a long journey.  In more ways than one.

I want to go. I think of little else these days.  But I know that feelings can change.  Passions can cool.  And so I don't take anything for granted.

Now, about the hurt feelings.  I'm a great driver, you see.  Better than my husband, actually.  The other morning, on the way to Mother's Day brunch, he volunteered to drive even though I usually do.  He saw how utterly exhausted I was, since I've been staying up all night lately to write.  I grab what little sleep I can in the mornings, but it is usually far less than a full eight hours.  So I was happy to relinquish the wheel.  As long as I'm asleep, I'm a fine passenger.  Otherwise, I get a bit nervous out of the driver's seat.  You'd think a switch would be comfortable either way, but I don't really trust my husband's abilities.  That's another story, though.  One that gnaws at me a good deal sometimes, both because of what happened, and the ghastly things that might have happened instead.  But despite some hiccups, I do lead a charmed life, ultimately.

Anyhoo, the other morning, as we pulled out of the driveway, I heard my children gasp.  I'd already leaned back and shut my eyes to get some additional sleep on the way to the brunch.  But their gasps made me sit up and take notice.  An older man stood in front of the car, clutching a bicycle.  He looked utterly freaked out.  In backing up, my husband had apparently missed the guy by inches.  My husband sat in the driver's seat, clearly shaken.  "I didn't see him.  I looked, I swear.  I don't know where he came from."  I was less concerned about the guy in the car than the one standing on the road.  "Pull up and make sure he's okay," I said.  My husband did so.  The man sounded dazed, but was perfectly okay.  It had just been a close call.  "I'm glad you're alright," I said.  My husband didn't say anything.

We drove out of the neighborhood onto a boulevard.  There was a four way stop intersection, and the car in front of us stopped, then proceeded.  My husband began to go ahead as well.  A car to our right started to enter the intersection, headed straight for my side of our car.  "STOP!" I said firmly.  My husband continued on.  So did the other vehicle.  "STOP!" I said again, becoming truly alarmed.  My husband ignored me, and the other car came within a few inches of us before slamming on the brakes.  My husband continued on, pulling over to the side of the road at my request.  "I did not see him at all."  I realized my husband was still thinking about the cyclist.  "Yes, I know,"  I said.  "Do you want me to drive?"  Clearly the earlier incident was affecting his ability to concentrate.  I was not excited about the car ride being my final road trip.

"No, I'll be okay now," he said.  I looked at him, bleary-eyed.  "Are you sure?"  "Yes."  I closed my eyes, trusting in my guardian angel to get us there safely, and fell asleep.

The following day, I had a chat with my dearest buddy.  That's when my feelings were hurt momentarily.  He refused my offer to drive. But then I relaxed.  I trust him.  I shall be safe with him at the wheel.  And if it turns out I'm not, I'll be no worse off than I already am.  Besides, there are other activities where I know full well he will let me do the driving.  And the trust he shows in allowing me to do that is awfully lovely.

Him:  i HATE driving in ______
 me:  Okay... you are driving there or flying?
I can't recall what you said.
 Him:  driving
 me:  Okay...and do you have a stick or manual?
I mean...
 Him:  LOL
 me:  Stick or automatic.
Duh.  I am a dipshit.
 Him:  i have a Stick and an automatic transmission
 me: I once asked a lady in France...if she spoke French. are you going to bring the automatic car down?
 Him:  yes
 me:  if you fetch me from the airport,
I will drive you around
 Him:  LOL
no, i don't think so
 me:  I Rainman used to say....
an excellent driver.
 Him:  LMFAO
i will drive
and i will pretend i don't want you to give me a hand job on the highway
 me:  ooooh
I will just give you road head
I don't want to distract you too much
 Him:  lol
not there
it will not be in a car
 me:  you are so traditional
 Him:  i am
 me:  my old school lover
 Him:  i am a traditional guy with a large *****
 me:  yep
with ridges
 Him:  so i will find a store
 me:  I was looking at that pic of you
lowering yourself onto the purple
it was very hot, you know
 Him:  the B&W ?
me:  yep
think of how much fun you have with a suctioned ***** on the floor...
now think of how nice it will be to let me do the driving
Him:  i can't imagine
me:  and I'm not talking about the car.
Him:  truly
me:  au contraire, darling...
you have imagined a great deal often
that is why I am here
 Him:  ( blush ) true dat
me:  to bring your dreams to life
and mine as well
Him:  they are still dreams
now don't be mad
i will have some toys with me already
me:  Darling?
Him:  Dearest?
me:  I shall not be mad.
Him:  ok
me:  I am not going there to shop
I want you naked in that room
so I can have my way with you
as often as possible
milkynips milkynips
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Darling, you can drive me anytime you want should we ever meet in person ;)

It's quite simple; When you're in the car with your husband it makes him nervous,so never get in the car with him and he'll be fine! He knows you don't trust him,so it makes him nervous,lose concentration and do silly things.<br />
There have been studies done on teachers that don't expect anything from low grade pupils....well,they get low grades because no-one expects them to get anything else!<br />
<br />
Maybe you should pay for your husband to go on a high speed driving course on a race track with a 250hp car underfoot,a driving instructor that'll coax him into using his concentration like he uses his safety belt,you go and fim it all,then let him drive back home void of any worry because you're there,you sit in the back seat and stop trying to control him when he's the one with the wheel!<br />
<br />
Nothing against you my dearest but as the expert driver,therefore superior,you have to trust him from the bottom of your sphinxter to the top of your highest meridien....then you'll see how good he is!<br />
<br />
Do you trat him like a child sometimes?