I will take time to listen, I will try my best to analyze with you. I'd always say something even if it's not the right answer but it will always be the best & honest line that I can  muster though am warning you that I am not really good at any advice. My life sucks too. I only have a poker face so it's not that conspicuous. Then if I don't really know what to say, perhaps I will just give you a goblet and pour some drops from my reddish bottle..Shiraz can do the trick!

sometimes, we need to blur our minds, block all thoughts and just laugh. Normal is boring, isn't it? Yeah, we can get crazy for awhile and find something to giggle about life's mishap.

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Cheers Opal!

I agree...;)

cheers to you Wiltingflower. May the red wine quench your thirst so you can bloom again! :)

Ohh...when the red wine keeps me company I bloom alright!



A man can make you feel strong, sexy, intelligent.... No sorry! Its wine-wine does all that! 😄😄😄😄

Lol. for a woman, man and wine could be a better company than just a goblet of it.

I like the way you think...... 😛

My thoughts could be worst than you can ever imagine so beware!

Hahaha! Lucky I were not brought up scared. 😄

Lol. Good!

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Cheers, right back at you new friend! ;)

hope you'd feel better soon. Life sucks. Things happen. Be brave & strong to face the challenge.