Never Had a Friend to Complaint About Me...

I dont want to say I am the best but I am a pretty good friend and I would love to have me as a friend. :P Even for people I barely know I have done pretty cool things without looking for anything in return. I am pretty honest too and try my best to really tell what I feel without hurting or try being tacful about certain things... I have many friends, some since I was in grade 2, some more recent but very special. And at least 3 best friends. I believe in real friendships and love for them to love me.

The most beautiful moment I remember when a friend really showed me her appreciation was for her wedding. I was in another country and I totally surprised her flying all the way for her wedding. Her mom told me she had wished I had let them know because she really wanted me to be her bridesmaid. However, that would have not been as special as it was that her whole wedding speech was about our friendship and single girl moments and the fact that she was touched I made it to her wedding. We cried so much that day but it was great to feel so appreciated for being a good friend.

dolcelina dolcelina
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2009