Too Good?

Don't mean for the title to sound conceided or something, it's just, I'm the kind of person that would literally go to the ends of the earth for someone I care about. I'm always thoughtful about friends and I'll buy things for them sometimes just because it reminds me of an inside joke or I remember they wanted something the other day, just little stuff. And, I don't know, I guess it sort of bothers me that I don't get the same in return. I mean, I love making people's days and making them smile just because. Maybe a part of me feels like I'm being for granted, but I know it's not like they do it intentionally, but I guess it bothers me even more 'cause it happens in bf/gf relationships. I mean it when I say I would do anything for someone I care about but I don't always get the same. And I feel like if I don't, the person I'm in a serious relationship with doesn't really deserve to be with that a bad thing?

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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I am the same way. Each yr. on my friends birthday I will buy them a present and on my birthday I don't get anything. I always going to the end of the earth to try and make ppl happy...i just need to stop because the only person i am making unhappy is me.